DMRC Recruitment: Job Profile & Salary Allowance

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Feb 14, 2017

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DMRC is a prominent joint venture of the Government of India. It offers attractive remuneration packages to the candidates recruited to the posts offered. It has now become one of the largest industries in India.

The remuneration offered varies according to the post applied. The basic pay scale for DMRC employees starts from INR 6000/- per month for the unskilled labours.

The highest paid employee in DMRC is the Managing Director who draws salary of INR 1, 25, 000/- per month. There are a bunch of designations between unskilled labours and managing director. 

Currently, DMRC is recruiting efficient candidates for the post of Assistant Manager, Station Controller/ Train Operator, Junior Engineer, Maintainer and Account Assistant. There are 3428 vacancies in total for all the executive and non-executive posts.

DMRC Recruitment: Salary Allowance

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited (DMRC) is recruiting for various executive & non-executive post in its recent notification announced for the Executive and Non-Executive posts in DMRC 2016-17.

Executive Posts for DMRC Recruitment

The candidates are hired for various executive posts through DMRC. The executive posts offered and their salary allowances through DMRC are tabulated below: 

Post code Name of Post Pay Grade
E01 Assistant Manager – Electrical 20600 – 46500/-
E02 Assistant Manager – S&T 20600 – 46500/-
E03 Assistant Manager – Civil 20600 – 46500/-
E04 Assistant Manager – Operations 20600 – 46500/-
E05 Assistant Manager – HR 20600 – 46500/-
E06 Assistant Manager – Finance 20600 – 46500/-

Non-Executive Posts for DMRC Recruitment

There are a large number of vacancies offered by DMRC for various Non-Executive posts. The posts offered along with their pay scales are tabulated below:

Post Code Name of Post Pay Grade
NE 01 Station Controller/ Train Operator (SC/TO) 13500 – 25520/-
NE 02 Customer Relations Assistant (CRA) 10170 – 18500/-
NE 03 Junior Engineer/ Electrical 13500 – 25520/-
NE 04 Junior Engineer/ Electronics 13500 – 25520/-
NE 05 Junior Engineer/ Mechanical 13500 – 25520/-
NE 06 Junior Engineer/ Civil 13500 – 25520/-
NE 07 Account Assistant 10170 – 18500/-
NE 08 Maintainer 8000 – 14140/-

DMRC Recruitment: Job Profile

The job role & responsibilities vary according to designation, for the category of Executive & Non-Executive posts in DMRC Recruitment. Here, is a short description about the job profile of each post.

Assistant Manager (Electrical/ S&T)

Assistant Manager is responsible for the various maintenance systems and processes in connection with operation and maintenance of metro trains, tracks, works, installation and execution of various systems in DMRC projects. The basic pay scale for an assistant manager in DMRC is INR 20,600/- per month for the entry level managers. The selection process for this post is done via written examination and personal interview process.

A fresh candidate in the post of Assistant Manager gets the salary of INR 20, 600/- per month including the benefits and perks. The highest salary an assistant manager draws is INR 46, 500/- per month.

Station Controller/ Train Operator

Station Controller is a position where the candidate has to manage the operation of stations. It is an inter-changeable position where an appointed candidate may need to work as a Station Controller or Train Operator as per the requirement of DMRC. The duty hour of Station Controller may depend upon the ridership/footfall of the station and may range from 8-12 hours daily. The job requires highest standard of medical fitness.

The pay scale of the entry level station controller starts from INR 10, 170/- per month. The highest salary a station controller draws is INR 18, 500/- excluding the incentives. The incentive ranges from INR 1000/- to INR 8000/- per month. Station Controller get heavy concessions on loans. Some of the controllers get nearly INR 29, 000/- per month in-hand even after availing INR 14 lac of loan facility.

Customer Relations Assistance (CRA)

This job profile entails interaction with the commuters at Customer Care Centres (CCC) and catering to their needs & problems, looking after the affairs of Metro Stations including operation control centres in shift duty including night shift.

The basic pay scale for DMRC CRA candidates ranges from INR 10170/- to INR 18500/- per month. This is the minimum salary of CRA cadre, you can receive more through incentives ranging from INR 1000-8000 per month.

Assistant Manager (HR, Finance)

The primary work is addressing staff grievances& redress, SAP/ESS, Staff/ Labor welfare and management and taking care of finance department. The basic pay band of Assistant Manager ranges from INR 44000-46000/ month.

Junior Engineer

The job of Junior Engineer is to maintain various activities that take place at the following department-

  • Electrical: Rolling Stock/ Lift/ Escalators/ E&M/ Power Supply and etc.
  • Electronics: Signal & Telecommunication, Automatic Fair Collection, Rolling Stock, SCADA
  • Civil: Construction and Infrastructure
  • Mechanical: Systems & Train Maintenance, Handling & Operating Tower Wagon, Shunting.

The working hours can be 8-10 hours in shifts either a day shift, or a night shift. The basic pay band ranges from INR 13500-25520.

Account Assistant

To handle account department and matters related to General Administrative Bills. Expenditure, Budget, Salary, Audits, Taxation, Reimbursement in SAP/ERP.

The grade pay of an Account Assistant ranges from INR 10170-18500.


This Job profile of Maintainer pertains to upkeep & maintenance of various Maintenance Systems & processes, in connection with operation & maintenance of Metro Trains, and also for installation/ execution of various systems like Lifts, Escalators, Track, Structure, Traction/OHE, E&M, Signaling, Telecom/Automatic Fare Collection, Train Coaches, P. Way, works, Stores Depots etc., in shift duty.

The basic grade pay ranges from INR 8000-14140.

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