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Jun 8, 2020

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The most important advantage of the CTET is, it is a gateway and an excellent opportunity to enter into the teaching profession of the Indian government.CBSE on the behalf of the central government conducts Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) for the recruitment of Teachers for Primary and Secondary levels. 

Candidates qualifying CTET are not only eligible for Primary and Secondary Schools under the government as well as UT schools, private schools, state government schools etc. there is a huge chance of getting secondary school teachers qualified CTET, is about Rs35,000 a month and the largest pay package for the primary teacher is around Rs. 45,000 per month.

CTET Certificate Significance and Importance:

Here are some tempting reasons why candidates should prepare for CTET and be sincere about cracking CTET and TETs

  • As per the previous years’ trend, CTET is conducted twice a year. So, candidates will have more opportunities to fulfil their dream
  • CTET offers an opportunity to become any schools under Central government throughout our nation. 
  • The validity of the CTET Certificate is also 7 years whereas the validity of TETs’ Certificate is 5 years. 
  • UT only recruits CTET candidates in regular and contractual teachers’ post.
  • Most of the private schools only prefer CTET qualified teachers.
  • After receiving CTET certificate, candidates can apply teaching jobs of KVS, NVS Army Teachers, ERDO etc. 
  • Although most of the states conduct their own Teacher Eligibility Test, CTET certificate is considered in many State schools.
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The CTET Certificate is applicable in Schools under CBSC Board, Government Schools or the schools run by government bodies as well. These days, all the government and private relay on CTET Certificate in terms of recruiting the candidates for both elementary and primary. 

Quite recently, the central government has declared that only CTET cleared and certified candidates will be recruited in the post of teachers as per the requirements of the Rights of Children to receive free and compulsory education for each child of India. 

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Validity of CTET Certificate

  • CTET certificate is valid for 7 years from the date of announcement of result.
  • CTET certificate is applicable in CBSE affiliated Schools, Government School and Schools being run by government/private organizations. These days, All schools (Private/ Aided/ Government) accepts only CTET Certified candidates.
  • There are no restrictions in terms of number of attempts of CTET so that the candidate can prove their better scoring capacity 
  • There are no restrictions of age for the validity of the CTET candidates. 

Advantages of being a School Teacher

For any candidate, applying for CTET or other TET exams must wonder that what are the advantages of being a teacher after all. Here are a few basic advantages: 

  • Respect and status in society: Good teachers are revered by students and their parents alike. Teachers have their own status in our society and they are always well treated for earning respect by teaching. 
  • Job satisfaction: Teachers contribute to building the nation as well as form the future shape of society. They develop students into knowledgeable, smart and morally sound citizens and human beings. A teacher has the power to enrich the mind of a budding student with positivity. 
  • Holidays and vacation: Teachers are the most blessed with the maximum number of holidays and vacations. Most of the holidays are applicable to the teachers as much as the students. 
  • Respectable pay and perks: They get to enjoy good pay scales and other perks. Reputed nongovernmental schools are also known for paying their teachers well. 
  • Self-employment opportunities: Apart from working at educational institutes, teachers may also become self-employed. Starting tuition classes and online classes as well are well-known sources of additional income.

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Career growth as a Teacher

CTET Exam will be conducted in 20 languages across 112 cities of India to recruit Primary & Secondary Teachers for various Central & State Government Schools. After recruiting in a School under Central governments, the promotions you can expect are: 

  • You can become Headmaster in a primary/secondary school. 
  • You can get the position of a Senior teacher in a primary/secondary school.
  • Assistant Teacher in a primary/secondary school is also an opportunity. 
  •  A senior teacher in Upper Primary School
  • Principal in higher grade schools

CTET Salary and Payscale

You should know that the average pay scale of primary teachers and Elementry teachers: 

  • Teachers teaching from class I - V is approximately getting Rs 1.5 lakh per annum.
  •  the average salary scale of secondary teachers is around Rs. 2, 30,000 per annum.
  • The government has approved a substantial hike in salaries of INR 17,000 to guest lecturers.
  • Assistant Primary lecturers (CTET) who presently get Rs 700 remuneration per day and Rs 17,500 monthly, can receive Rs 33,200,
  • Assistant lecturers, those who are non-CTET, can get Rs 25,000 that is presently Rs 17,500
  • PGTs can receive regular payment of Rs 34,100 each month against Rs 22,500.
  • And TGT, those who currently receive Rs 20,000, can get Rs 26,500.

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Soft Skills Required as a Teacher

Apart from educational qualifications and strong command in one's subject, a set of soft skills is required to be an effective teacher. The two top qualities. Those are - patience & enthusiasm, and the ability to strike the right balance between the two. 

Any teacher should have empathy and care that will be vital to deal with kids coming from all kinds of backgrounds, some disruptive too. An aura of self-confidence, enthusiasm towards learning new things every day and dynamism would give an edge, otherwise this job will just like any other, and boredom could start slipping in.

Challenges of Being a Teacher

With all the perks and advantages of being a teacher, there are challenges also which can overwhelm you sometimes when you already become a teacher. That is why we are here giving a good look at the challenges of the teaching profession: 

  • Limited job opportunities outside teaching: Teachers have very limited job opportunities outside the world of teaching. If a teacher suddenly decides to change his/her profession, it will be very difficult to find a new job. 
  • *Deadlines and work pressure: unline other professions, Teachers are supposed to cover the huge syllabus in the stipulated amount of time which due to enormous holidays gets a bit difficult. The necessity of meeting deadlines often creates work pressure.
  • Work beyond school hours: Work hours at schools are fixed. But teachers also have to deal with work outside school hours, such as - evaluating papers, preparing notes, ppt and reports, preparing for the next day's classes, departmental meetings, attending workshops, update with the new syllabus, update their learning, maintaining the upgraded quality of teaching, take students on an excursion, etc.

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The main advantages of being selected in government jobs are job security, respect in society, normal working hours, more security for women than for all other jobs, less stress, more vacations and so on successively. Moreover, Every year, over 20 lakh aspirants appear for CTET exam. In December 2019, close to 24 lakh candidates appeared for CTET out of which 5.42 lakh qualified, as per media reports. In July 2019, a total of 23.77 lakh aspirants took the CTET exam out of which 3.52 lakh candidates qualified. Therefore, there is an enormous opportunity to become a centrally employed teacher.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.