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SSC MTS Photo Size, Dimensions, Format and Other Details

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Oct 8, 2020

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SSC MTS 2019 Application Form has been made available from April 22 till May 29, 2019 in online mode only. For form submission, candidates can visit Apply Now!

During the process of applying for the exam, candidates are required to upload their passport size photograph and signature image in specified sizes, dimensions, pixels and formats. SSC has issued certain guidelines for candidates to upload photos and signatures as required in the application form of SSC MTS 2019.  Read further to know the specifications described below in the article.

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SSC MTS 2019 Photo Specifications

According to SSC, the photograph to be used by the candidates must have following characteristics:

SSC MTS Photograph Specifications
Digital Size Between 20 Kbs – 50 Kbs Read How to Resize?
Dimensions 4.5 cm (height) x 3.5 cm (width)
Resolution 100 x 120 Pixels
Format 8 bit JPG Format

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Candidates must look straight into the camera while getting clicked. There must be proper lighting and background should be white.


The Photo should not be distorted which happens in case of selfies. The photo should have full front face and shoulders. Do not upload side face photo.

ssc mts photo guide

The face should cover no less than 80% of the entire photograph. Candidates must crop the photo accordingly.

SSC MTS Photo Guide

Candidates with spectacles must make sure that their eyes are clearly visible. There should be no glare on the spectacles or any red-eyes.


The photo must have good digital resolution of 100 x 120 pixels. Photos with lesser pixels are blur and not accepted by SSC.

SSC MTS Photos

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SSC MTS 2019 Signature Specifications

As per SSC, candidates are required to upload their scanned signature having following features:

SSC MTS Signature Specifications
Digital Size Between 10 Kb – 20 Kbs
Dimensions 3 cm (height) x 4 cm (width)
Resolution 140 x 60 Pixels
Format 8 bit JPG Format
SSC MTS Signature
  • Signature must be done by candidate in his own handwriting as it will be matched by the invigilator at the exam center.
  • It should be done with a black pen on a plain white paper.
  • Signature must be done in running handwriting, block letters sign will be rejected straight away.

How to Resize Scanned Images?

A good quality photograph clicked by a high megapixels camera has digital size of 2 – 3 Mbs whereas SSC asks candidates to upload photo and signature images of less than 50 and 20 kbs respectively. Below are the ways to resize and reduce pixels:

Resize Online

The easiest way to bring the photo size to as low as required by SSC is to resize online. Candidates can take the help of online photo resizer and cropper websites by following listed steps:

  • Search “Resize Image Online”
  • Click on any renowned website
  • Upload the image and click on “Compress/Resize”
  • Download the compressed image.

Resize by MS Paint

Candidates must know that cropping the photo can reduce its size but it will not be sufficient. Hence, follow these steps:

  • Right click on the image file.
  • Select open with paint.
  • Click on main item image
  • Select stretch/skew from the drop down
  • Change the Horizontal and Vertical percentages to less than 100.
  • Keep the percentages same to maintain the aspect ratio.
  • Save the file as “resized image”.

Resize by Mobile Application

Those who don’t have access to computer can resize the photo through mobile applications which can be downloaded on ‘Play Store’. A list of photo compresser and resizer applications have been mentioned below which candidates can download:

  • Photo Compress 2.0
  • Reduce Photo Size
  • Photo and Picture Resizer
  • Pixlr Express for Android
  • Images Easy Resizer & JPG-PNG

Note: you may also take screenshot of the picture and use it as it has very low digital size.

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*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.