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NDA 1 2020 Vacancy

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Apr 13, 2020

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Several lakhs aspirants apply for the NDA exam conducted by UPSC every year but only a few hundreds get selected. The exam is conducted twice a year to recruit new cadets for the Indian Army, Air Force and the Indian Navy. Those qualifying the exams have to go through rigorous physical training and education for three years in the National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla and then 1 year of specialized training at IMA, Naval Academy or Air Force Academy.


  • The NDA 1 exam has been indefinitely postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • The scheduled SSB interviews for NDA 2 2019 cadets have also been postponed for the same reason. Check Here NDA Selection Process

  • For NDA 1 2020 candidates, there are a total of 418 vacancies this year.

Hence, to get recruited, you have to rank within the top 400 in the country. Many aspirants start their NDA preparations much earlier and are inspired by the respectability of the job, and NDA career prospects.

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NDA 2020 Vacancy

NDA 1 2020 Vacancy

Depending on the available number of vacancies, the candidates are selected accordingly. The following is the provisional list of vacancies in the different departments:

Course Number of Vacancies
145th National Defence Academy (Indian Army) 208
145th National Defence Academy (Indian Navy) 42
145th National Defence Academy (Indian Air Force) 120
107th Indian Naval Academy Course  48
Total 418

On an average, 4, 00,000 students apply every year out of which only students as per the available vacancy are selected. Even though 5000-6000 qualify the written test, most are eliminated through the SSB interview and medical tests to select the best.

NDA 2020 Career

NDA Career- Growth and Prospects

The career opportunity and growth after qualifying NDA 2020 is immense. Even during the training period the cadets are given a stipend amount. After qualifying, the cadets will eventually be promoted over the years in the following order:

Rank Promotion method
Lieutenant On commission
Captain 02 Years
Major 06 years
Lieutenant Colonel 13 Year
Colonel(Selection) 15 years
Colonel (Time Scale) 26 years
Brigadier On Selection
Major General On Selection
Lieutenant General On Selection
General On Selection

On graduating from the NDA, Khadakwasla and the respective institutes for specialization, the cadets will be awarded the following degree from Jawaharlal Nehru University:

  • Army Cadets- B.A. /B.Sc (Computer)/B.A.

  • Naval Cadets- B.Tech Degree

  • Air Force Cadets- B. Tech Degree

On graduating, those joining the air force will do so as to flying officers, those in the Indian Navy will join as sub-lieutenant and in the Indian Army as Lieutenant.

NDA 2020 Salary

NDA Salary- Pay Scale and Benefits

The salary package is attractive right from the days of your training. Moreover, there are several allowances, job security and the respect is immense.

Rank Grade Pay  Rank Pay
Lieutenant 5,400/- 15,600—39,100/-
Captain 6,100/- 15,600—39,100/-
Major 6,600/- 15,600—39,100/-
Lieutenant Colonel 8,000/- 37,400—67,000/-
Colonel 8,700/- 37,400—67,000/-
Brigadier 8,900/- 37,400—67,000/-
Major General 10,000/- 37,400—67,000/-
Lieutenant General HAG Scale 67,000/–79,000/-
HAG+Scale 75,500/- 80,000/-
VCOAS/Army Cdr/ Lieutenant General (NFSG) 80,000/-
COAS 90,000/- (fixed)
  • During the training period, the trainee cadets are entitled to an amount of 15000 INR as stipend and 6000 INR grade pay. So in total, they get 21000 INR in hand for the training period.

  • There is a qualification grant of Rs. 6000, 9000, 15000 or 20000 based on the qualification held by the officer. This amount is granted only for officers with specific qualifications.

  • A fixed amount of INR 6000 is payable for officers from the rank of lieutenant to brigadier and this is known as the Military Service Pay or MSP.

Benefits and Allowances

There are six types of allowances that the cadets can enjoy throughout their tenure of serving the Army, Navy or Air Force.

  • Dearness Allowance is given in the same rates and under the same conditions as applicable to the civilian gazetted officers of the government.

  • Kit maintenance allowance of Rs.400 p.m. is there for all cadets and officers. It is a fixed amount irrespective of the ranking.

  • Based on the ranking of the officer and the area of posting there are allowances like-

  • Highly active field area allowance- INR 6780- 8400 p.m.

  • Compensatory field area allowance- INR 4200- 5200 p.m.

  • Modified field area allowance- INR 1600- 2000 p.m.

  • In case the officers are posted in a high altitude area that is 9000 ft. and above, they are entitled to a High Altitude Allowance that is between INR 1060 to INR 11,200 p.m.

  • Uniform allowance- INR 14000 for the one time kit and INR 3000 for every three years.

  • Transport allowance- INR 3200 + DA p.m. at A-1/A cities and INR 1600 + DA p.m. at other places.

The total compensation of the officers selected to fill the NDA 2020 vacancy will be equivalent to rank pay + grade pay + MSP + Qualification Pay + Allowance, once they complete their training.

NDA 2020 FAQs


Question: What is the ideal time to start preparing for the NDA exam?

Ans. NDA aspirants should start preparing for the exam ideally even before they are admitted to class 12 as the age limit for the exam is very low.

Question: Are Army officers’ gazetted officers?

Ans. Yes, the junior commissioned officers or JCO are recognized as gazette officers now.

Question: How frequently is an army officer transferred?

Ans. It depends on the branch of the army. In case of infantry, the officers are transferred every three years. The postings to command any HQ or BRDs is a little longer for five years before the next transfer.

Question: Are there retirement benefits for the NDA cadets in the future?

Ans. Yes, there are numerous retirement benefits that the officers can get in the future. There are different pension schemes keeping in mind the cause of officers suffering from disabilities for their service in the army.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.