NDA 2017: Tips to Crack SRT in SSB Interview

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Mar 4, 2017

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SRT (Situation Reaction Test) is part of psychological testing at SSB Interview. SRT is conducted in a 5 day selection process which consists of various stages and tests. SRT is held on 2nd day of NDA selection process. SRT is immediately conducted after the WAT (Word Association Test). 30 minutes are provided to answer 60 situations.

SRT is held to test candidate’s ability of responding to the daily life problem. The responses from the candidates show their common sense, time sense, ability of reasoning, empathy, decision making and maturity. Here we are providing some tips to crack SRT in SSB Interview. Here we go!

Short Responses- Writing long responses takes time and hence should be eliminated.

Officer Quality- Sitting position should be straight. Candidates are examined by their body language. Don’t act silly and prove yourself a hero.

Response & Action- Your responses determine your status of selection. Immediate action is desirable rather than a futuristic story.

13 Tips to Attempt SRT in SSB Interview

Situation Reaction Test consists of 60 situation regarding day to day life. All the 60 situations are printed in a booklet and candidates need to write their responses in a separate answer sheet. Keep this in mind that only 30 minute duration is provided to complete the test. Given below are some tips that are very useful in clearing SRT in NDA SSB Interview:

  1. Practice as much situations as you can. Try to reach the decision with a focused mind.
  2. Write the sensible response that comes to your mind after imagining the situation.
  3. Do not write long responses because it is time consuming.
  4. Give a positive and a meaningful reaction.

For e.g.: ‘He saw a snake entering into someone’s house. He…’

“Diverted its attention with a stick and alarmed the people inside the house” instead of “He took a stick and started to beat it to divert its attention and alarmed the people inside the house.”

  1. Sometimes, uncommon situations are asked, try to make a meaningful conclusion as it reveals your ability of handling any situation.
  2. If you find that the situation is repeated then just maintain the previous one as giving different responses give the sense of fakeness.
  3. Sentences should be short to manage time.   
  4. You may refer good books but your responses should match your personality as books only provide sample solution.
  5. Be realistic and practical with your responses.
  6. Try to attempt all the situations.
  7. Think cleverly. Be good in communication and be more analytical.
  8. Don’t write multiple actions.
  9. Avoid skipping any situation in between.

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Examples for SRT in SSB Interview

Q 1. You are playing in your friend’s house, what would you do when he gets stuck with a naked electric wire?

Ans. Switch off the mains, take him to hospital if he needs a visit.

Q 2. You are living in a college hostel. The dal served to you in the mess has a lot of stones. What would you do?

Ans. Complain to hostel in-charge.

Q 3. You have keen desire to help poor. What would you do?

Ans. Contribute to NGO and conduct shows for charity.

Q 4. You are travelling by bus and engine catches fire.  

Ans. Evacuate the bus and try to put off the fire. In need, call the fire station.

Q 5. In order to produce better results in your organization what measures you should take? 

Ans. Effective and stress free learning.

Q 6. He was going for the SSB and on the way he saw a person seriously injured and nobody was there to help him.

Ans. He helped him by taking the injured person to hospital and informed at his home as well as the SSB Panel.

Q 7. He was playing out door and his brother got seriously injured and it started raining heavily. What step he should take?

Ans. Inform at home, take him to the hospital immediately by car. Or ask neighbors for help.

Q 8. You are serving under 2 Senior Officers who always give conflicting orders.

Ans. I would bring it to the notice of Senior Most Officer.

Q 9. Your bathroom tap is leaking and is a constant source of irritating noise. What step you would take?

Ans. I’ll try to repair it on my own. Call plumber in need.

Q 10. You heard rumors that enemy is likely to attack the country. As a serving soldier what would you do?

Ans. I will be ready to neutralize the attack.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.