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How to Prepare Physics for NDA 2021?

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Sep 30, 2020

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The National Defence Academy (NDA) 2021 will be held in April 2021 and in September 2021 (tentatively). The NDA exam is conducted by the UPSC for admission in the Indian Army, Navy, and Air force wings of NDA. Check  NDA 2021 Selection Process 

Before appearing for the exam you should know how to prepare for the same. Everyone wants to make his/her career brighter and successful. This article contains all the necessary details about the Physics Section in the NDA exam. Check  previous years' question papers

We have also listed a few good books which you can refer apart from the NCERT books for practising questions. Also, practice Sectional Tests as much as possible before you appear for the NDA 2020 Exam

NDA Physics Weight-age

Physics is included in the General Knowledge Section of the General Ability Test that consists of two parts:

  • Part A – English (Questions-50, Maximum Marks-200)
  • Part B – General Knowledge (Questions-100, Maximum Marks-400)
Section Subject Weight-age No. of questions Max. Marks
A Physics 25% 25 100

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NDA Physics Syllabus 2021

The following topics are included in the Physics section of NDA 2021:

Mass, Force and Momentum, Gravitation, Sound waves and their properties, Natural and Artificial Magnets, Measurement of Electrical Power, Weight, Motion of objects, Power and Energy, Change of State and Latent Heat, Spherical mirrors and Lenses, Conductors and Non-conductors, Density, Velocity and Acceleration, Effects of Heat, Modes of transference of Heat, Properties of a Magnet, Lighting and Magnetic effects of Current, Volume, Principle of Archimedes, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Parallelogram of Forces, elementary ideas of work, Measurement of temperature and heat, Rectilinear propagation of Light, Human Eye, Earth as a Magnet, Primary and Secondary Cells, Specific Gravity, Pressure Barometer, Stability and Equilibrium of bodies, Reflection and refraction, Heating, Simple musical instruments, Use of X-Rays, Static and Current Electricity, Ohm’s Law Simple Electrical Circuits.

or you can get NDA Syllabus 2020 in Hindi

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Overall Analysis of Physics Section in NDA 2021

The topic-wise allocation of marks in the Physics section is as follows:

Topic Name No of Questions Total Marks % Weight-age Overall % Weight-age
Light 3 12 13.04 3
Heat 4 16 17.39  4
Motion 4 16  17.39  4
Electricity 2 8  8.69  2
Newton’s Laws of motion ( NLM) 2 8  8.69  2
Magnetism 2 8  8.69  2
Gravitation 2 8  8.69  2
Fluid 1 4  4.34  1
Rain Thunder & Lightening 2 8  8.69  2
Vector 1 4  4.34  1
Sound 1 4  4.34  1
Grand Total 23 120 100% 23%

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Important NCERT Chapters of Physics for NDA 2021

Physics is an important part of NDA examination and approximately 25% questions are from this section under General Ability Test. Here is a list of NCERT Chapters that you must study for Physics section of NDA 2021:

  • Class 11th, Physics, Chapter 1st: What is Physics?
  • Class 7th, Science, Chapter 4th: Heat
  • Class 7th, Science, Chapter 13th: Motion and time.
  •  Class 7th, Science, Chapter 17th: Electric Current and its Effect
  • Class 7th, Science, Chapter 15th: Light
  • Class 8th Science, Chapter 11th: Force and Pressure
  • Class 8th Science, Chapter 12th: Friction
  • Class 8th Science, Chapter 13th: Sound
  • Class 8th Science, Chapter 14th: Chemical Effects of current
  • Class 8th Science, Chapter 16th: Light
  • Class 9th Science, Chapter 8th: Motion
  • Class 9th Science, Chapter 9th: Force and laws of motion
  • Class 9th Science, Chapter 10th: Gravitation
  • Class 9th Science, Chapter 11th: Work and Energy
  • Class 9th Science, Chapter 12th: Sound
  • Class 10th Science, Chapter 10th: Light
  • Class 10th Science, Chapter 12th: Electricity
  • Class 10th Science, Chapter 13th: Magnet

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NDA Physics Preparation 2021

To prepare for the Physics section, you should clear all your concepts and get practical knowledge of Subject. Some of the preparation tips for this section of NDA 2017 are given below:

  1. Overcome your Physics Phobia: Many students who are not so good at Mathematics think that physics is also difficult. This negative thinking should not be there as it becomes the biggest hurdle in the path of success.
  2. Physics is not like Mathematics: Candidates may be weak in Mathematics but this should not stop them from succeeding in Physics section. For example- some topics from Optics, Modern Physics including Electronics hardly require higher mathematical skills or knowledge. You can perform well in these kinds of units.
  3. Take interest in the Physics section: Unless you take interest in it even if it has very less weight-age, you will not be able to succeed even after doing lots of hard work.
  4. Physics is not limited to Numericals only: Many students avoid Physics section thinking that it is loaded with only numerical. To a certain extent, numerical problems are in almost every chapter of this section. If you find it tough, leave the numerical section and proceed ahead, prepare for other sections. Study theoretical portions properly with all basic concepts understood.
  5. Formula learning: Learn all Formulas thoroughly and revise them regularly. Try to solve 5-10 numerical problems based on the learned chapters daily. Consult your teachers and friends for any kind of help. You can also participate in group discussion and give online mock tests.
  6. Ohms Law” is a very important unit for this exam. In NDA it has the highest weight-age. Never neglect this unit. Chapters like Mass, Force, and Momentum should be prepared from the very beginning.
  7. Study for the Physics section regularly: While preparing for Physics you should not learn a chapter today and then leave the subject unattended for the next 2 to 3 days. Instead, after going through a chapter, practice different types of numerical from it. At least an hour of regular self-study is must for the better preparation of Physics section.
  8. Go through previous 5 to 10 years solved question papers. You will get an idea about the question pattern and exam pattern as well. It will also help you in shortlisting important questions. Solving sample papers will boost your preparation tremendously at a very fast pace.
  9. Revision is probably one of the most crucial and important steps to get good results. Keep revising chapters and formulas to avoid forgetting them. It will help you significantly in the test.
  10. Start your preparation from today itself. Try to complete your syllabus till February. You must avoid last month preparation.

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NDA Recommended Books for Physics

If you check the syllabus and marks for the Physics section, it shows clearly the weight-age and importance of this subject. Check the previous years solved papers for NDA exam.

You may consider using:

  • Quick learning Objective General English by RS Aggarwal &  Vikas Aggarwal.
  • Keep yourself updated and buy Manorama Yearbook (English), and read it cover to cover. 

Also, practice previous years NDA Tests’ sample papers

Books for Previous Year Solved Papers and Practice

Use NCERT textbooks and other books for revision. Some advisors strongly suggest buying one of the books given below as they have been specially designed for NDA exam and cover previous years solved questions and practice papers.

  • Pathfinder for NDA & NA Entrance Examination (English) by Arihant Publications
  • Chapter-wise – Section wise Solved Papers NDA & NA (Mathematics/English/General Ability) by Arihant Publications 
  • NDA Examination (Solved papers up-to-date) (English) by Upkar Publications 
  • NDA/NA Previous Solved Papers (English) by RPH Editorial Board

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*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.