How to prepare chemistry for NDA?

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Mar 6, 2017

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NDA Exam is a national level entrance exam, conducted by UPSC twice a year for recruitment in National Defence Academy and Indian Naval Academy. It is considered one of the toughest exams to crack but once a candidate clears it. One has to then perform in an Intelligence and Personality test conducted by Services Selection Board (SSB), which includes general aptitude, team skills, physical skills, social skills along with medical tests. It is a highly competitive exam but not to worry as we have got the best preparation tips for you. Candidates who are looking forward to giving NDA exam can fill the application forms online, which will be available from June 7 to June 30, 2017.

Learn the NDA 2017 Exam Pattern

NDA exam is evaluated on a total score of 900 which comprises of two papers.

  • Paper I is Mathematics which helps in examining how accurate a candidate is with numbers & calculations. Moreover, it analyses the problem-solving abilities of a person.
  • Paper II is General Ability which consists of general knowledge questions to test general awareness of the candidate.

The structure of Paper-I is as follows:

No. of questions 120
Marking for every correct answer 2.5 marks
Negative marking for every Wrong answer -0.85 marks
Test Duration 2.5 hours (150 minutes)
Total Marks 300

The structure of Paper-II is as follows:

No. of Questions 150
No. of English Questions 50
Marking for every correct answer 4 marks
Negative marking for every wrong answer -1.33
Duration 2.5 hours (150 minutes)
Total Weightage 600

NDA Chemistry Analysis

In short, Chemistry deals with chemical bonds, properties, and change of matter. Even though it is not the easiest subject to study, it can still be one of the top scoring sections in NDA exam. Chemistry section falls under Part B of Paper II. It tests the general knowledge of a candidate in the field of chemistry.

Detailed Analysis of Chemistry from NDA 2016 

According to a detailed analysis of NDA 2015 question paper by Resonance, Chemistry had 16 questions of 4 marks each, which combines to a total of 64 marks. Chemistry scored 1.19 on the difficulty scale. Out of which 13 questions were easy and 3 questions were of medium level. Nothing difficult, which concludes that it is one of the top scoring subjects.

Topic Name No of Questions Total Marks Overall % Weightage
Carbon 4 16 25
Structure of Atom 3 12 18.75
Acid, Bases, Salts 3 12 18.75
Metals & Non Metals 3 12 18.75
Atoms & Molecules 2 8 12.5
Hydrogen 1 4 6.25
Total 16 64 100

Now that you are familiar with the pattern and the structure of Chemistry section in NDA exam. It is important to know the detailed syllabus before starting your preparations.

NDA Chemistry Syllabus

We have carefully curated a table of the chemistry syllabus. Which Mentions the important topics from each unit.

Unit Important Topics
Atoms, Molecules & Chemical Arithmetic Measurement in Chemistry, The law of chemical combination and Dalton's atoms theory
Elements, their occurrence and extraction Earth as a source of Elements in Biology, Extraction of metals, Mineral Wealth of metals
The States of Matter The solid State, Liquid state
Atomic Structures Constituents of atom, Electronic structure of atoms, Dual nature of matter and radiation
Chemical Families Periodic properties Mendeleev’s Periodic Table, Modern Periodic law, Types of Elements
Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure Chemical bonds and lewis structure shapes of molecules (VSEPR theory), Coordinate Covalent bond, Molecules
The solid state Structure of Simple ionic compounds, Properties of solids
The gaseous state Ideal gas equation, Kinetic Theory
Solutions Types of solutions, Vapour- pressure of solutions and Raoult’s law, Colligative properties
Chemical energetics and thermodynamics Energy changes during chemical reaction, Internal energy and enthalpy, Sources of energy, Second law of thermodynamics
Chemical equilibrium Equilibria involving physical changes, Equilibria involving chemical systems, Equilibria involving ions
Redox Reactions and electrochemistry Oxidation & Reduction as an electron transfer process, Redox Reaction in Aqueous solutions, Electrolytic conduction, Voltaic, Electrode
Transference of Heat Rate of Reaction, Factors affecting rates of Reactions, Rate expression, Mechanism of Reaction
Chemistry of hydrocarbons Alkenes, Stereo Isomerism and chirality, Alkynes, Arenes, Sources of Hydrocarbons, Laboratory preparations

Now that you are aware of the syllabus, preparation will definitely be no big deal, if you follow some of our tips. Chemistry holds a total value of 60 marks in NDA 2017 exam and scoring good in the subject is not hard as it covers only the basics.For Chemistry, you should have basic knowledge of classifications of elements, compounds, and mixtures. Here are some preparation tips you d need for nailing the chemistry section.

Preparation Tips

  • Keep complete knowledge of NDA test syllabus and paper pattern.
  • Divide your preparation time, topic wise. Give proper time to all topics separately.
  • Chemistry sections are great to prepare from Class 12th NCERT TEXTBOOKS.
  • You can also buy private publication Books for chemistry and use them as your study material instead of wasting time looking for free material online.
  • Chemistry requires understanding the concepts than memorising them
  • You must enhance your daily routine habit of reading newspapers and watching news channels. It will increase your overall general knowledge around the world.
  • Must check NDA last year exam papers for a better idea of the paper pattern.

Recommended Books

Books play an important part in ones preparation, the better the book & the author, the easier it is for you to understand and learn. Here is a booklist we made for you to prepare chemistry for NDA.

S no. Book Name Author/Publication
1 11th & 12th Chemistry Textbooks NCERT
2 For HINDI - Adhyaywar-Khandwar Ganit| Angreji| Samanya Yogyata NDA/NA Vigat Varsho ke Prasan Vyakhayatmak Hal Sahit PB
3 NDA & NA National Defence Academy and Naval Academy Entrance Examination: 10 Practice Sets (English) 1st Edition Expert Publications
4 National Defence Academy & Naval Academy Examination Paperback Jain & Gupta
5 NDA Chemistry Chapterwise summary H.L walia

We are sure that after reading these preparation tips one can easily focus on how to prepare chemistry section for NDA

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.