IBPS PO 2021: How to prepare for General Awareness Section?

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Apr 13, 2021

The questions of the general awareness section are coming based on the day-to-day scenarios. It is an unpredictable section as the types of questions asked are never particular or predefined. Reading newspapers, informatory magazines, and keeping an eye on the day-to-day news can help candidates remember important details of general knowledge.

The topics asked in this section are related to marketing, banking, and finance. It also includes the monetary policies, national and international monetary organizations like RBI, UNO, and IMF, etc. The persons who were in news, awards, and honors, and currencies of various nationalities, and famous people and issues are all expected to be known beforehand for the preparation of IBPS’s general awareness section.

IBPS PO specially focuses on banking awareness in CWE. Since the banking sector is closely related to money, the market, and policies that affect the banking industry, it becomes crucial to know current affairs and have enough knowledge about common banking terms. Before going on to the tips to prepare for ‘General Awareness’ IBPS PO, let us take a look at the important topics of General Awareness.

Section Important areas to focus
General Awareness Banking awareness
RBI Functions and Power
Monetary Policy
Current Affairs and Economy
Capitals and Countries
Sports and recreation
Awards and Honors
Authors and Writers
Major organizations and headquarters
Important dates and events
Prime Ministries

How to Prepare for IBPS PO General Awareness?

Apart from Reasoning, English and Quantitative Aptitude, General Awareness holds the same value as others. So, you must give equal attention to every subject. Read the IBPS PO Preparation Tips 2021: Subject Wise Strategy

Here, are tips to crack this section & get a high score.

IBPS PO General Awareness

  • Update information on the last 6 months

Most often questions are taken from the happenings around in the last 6 months. Keep yourself updated on the new banking policies, global financial industry events, and the world summit related to such fields.

  • Make Daily Reading habits

Be a regular reader of newspapers, books, magazines, gives you an edge in the preparation. This will surely help you focus on related and relevant news events.

  • Watch news channels

It will give you current and sensational news updates. Make sure you read the previous test papers to know the type of questions asked.

  • Be social media savvy

Make use of modern communication methods. Subscribe to social media pages that provide you updated general knowledge information. Use most of the internet to gain information, such sites for say; Wikipedia, Youtube, etc. improve your knowledge of both past & current events.

Probable General Knowledge Questions asked in IBPS PO

The questions asked are largely related to Financial Awareness. Current Affairs questions are related to events from 2-3 months back. Even Static GK is largely related to people/ places/ institutions in the news in the past 2-3 months. For the current year, the questions might be related to demonetization. Some GK or GA based questions are discussed below:

Ques: Bhavanisagar Dam is located in which state?

Ans. Tamil Nadu

Ques: Which city in Italy granted the Dalai Lama honorary citizenship?

Ans. Milan

Ques: What is the venue of NATO Summit 2017?

Ans. Brussels, Belgium

Ques: Where was the first International Conference on Voter Education held?

Ans. New Delhi

Ques: Kalikho Pul was the CM of which state?

Ans. Arunachal Pradesh

Ques: In EFTPOS, what does E stand for?

Ans. Electronic (Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale)

Ques: Where is the headquarters of OPEC located?

Ans. Vienna, Austria

Ques: According to RBI’s annual report, what is near-report gross value added (GVA) for 2016-17?

Ans. 7.6%

Ques: Who authored ‘One Indian Girl’?

Ans. Chetan Bhagat

Ques: Ratan Watal Committee was set up for what?

Ans. Boosting Digital Payments

Ques: Corporation Bank Headquarters is located at?

Ans. Mangalore

Ques: Nassau is the capital of which country?

Ans. Bahamas

Ques: Antwerp Diamond Bank is headquartered in which country?

Ans. Belgium

Ques: Grama Vidiyal Microfinance was acquired by?

Ans. IDFC Bank

Ques: CRR is used to control what in the economy?

Ans. Money Supply

Ques: Indravati National Park in which state?

Ans. Chhattisgarh

Ques: Which of these banks is not regulated by RBI?

Ans. State Bank of Sikkim

Ques: Haima typhoon hit Guangdong province of?

Ans. China

Ques: MasterCard’s new app in Europe lets you authenticate using?

Ans. Selfies

Ques: Rs 10,000 currency notes were first introduced in 1938. They were demonetized in year?

Ans. 1978

Ques: BSBDA withdrawal and transfer limits are?

Rs. 10,000 in a month

Ques: The Bermuda Triangle lies in which ocean?

Ans. North Atlantic Ocean

Ques: In a bid to boost growth in the economy, Govt gave Rs. 22915 crore for recapitalization of 13 PSBs. Banks’ lending capacity restricted by weak capitalization and _____?

Ans. Poor Asset Quality

Ques: The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on 6 October 2016 released the Report of the Internal Working Group (IWG) on the Rationalization of Branch Authorization Policy. The Group is chaired by?

Ans. Lily Vadera

Ques: The 2016 Economics Nobel Prize was given to Oliver Hart and Bengt Holstein for their work in?

Ans. Contract Theory

Ques: The Sheikh Zayed Stadium in UAE is located at?

Ans. Abu Dhabi

Ques: In the Monetary Policy Committee, how many members are appointed by RBI?

Ans. 3 (other 3 by Govt.)

Ques: Joint Military Exercise of India & China known as Sino-India Cooperation 2016 held in?

Ans. Ladakh

Ques: People’s Resurgence and Justice Alliance (PRAJA) party launched by?

Ans. Irom Sharmila

Ques: According to RBI’s new guidelines, banks must set their lending rates according to the Marginal Cost of Funds based Lending Rate (MCLR), effective from?

Ans. April 1, 2016

Ques: Which option is wrong about Mobile Money Identifier (MMID)?

Ans. 10-digit number (it is a 7-digit number)

IBPS PO General Awareness - Trend Analysis

The first step for the preparation of General Awareness for Mains is to trace the IBPS PO exam pattern of papers from previous years. Here are the number of questions asked in the General Awareness section in the previous years’ IBPS PO mains paper. Also, Check IBPS PO 2021 Practice Papers and Previous Years Question Papers

Unit Chapter Topic No. of Question in 2015 No. of Questions in 2016
General awareness Awards Indian awards 1 2
International Awards & Honors
Indian Affairs Acts and Laws 1 1
Indian Geography Culture 2 2
National parks and sanctuaries
Indian Industry Defense and Railways 4 4
Infrastructure and IT
Indian Taxation Income Tax 2 1
International Awareness Currency, Country & it's Capital 3 3
Major International Organizations
Sports Indian and International Sport Personalities 4 3
International Sporting Events and Venues
Banking Commercial Banking Heads and Head Quarters 5 4
New Banking Entities & Foreign Collaborations
Functions of a Bank
E-banking & New Trends Bitcoins and E-wallets 2 3
RTGS and Rupay
Functions of RBI Banker & Debt Manager to Government 3 3
Financial Regulation & Supervision
Foreign Exchange Management
Other Banking or Non-Banking Institutions Regulatory Authorities 1 1
RBI New Initiatives & Policies 2 3
Organization of RBI
Terms Finance & Accounts 3 2
Insurance Policy & Operations
Shares & Stocks
Current Affairs Awards & Honors Films 1 1
Indian Affairs Census 4 4
India in International Reports
Indian Authors & their Books
New Government Policies & Schemes
International Relations Major Treaties & Agreements with Other Countries 1 1
Personalities Famous Personalities 1 2

As per the expert’s tips, General Awareness is one of the most scoring sections of the IBPS PO exam. If you are able to cover and memorize the recent events as much as possible, then you can easily get a good score in the exam. 

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.