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IBPS PO 2020: How to prepare for Computer Knowledge Section?

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Jun 9, 2020

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Every field today is automated or computerized; no work can be completed in an organization without the use of computers or computing process. This section tests computer skills and basic knowledge about the computer ability of the candidate. As PO, the candidates need to work effortlessly on the computer. At the same time, it is a highly scoring section and requires little effort if you are tech-savvy. Make sure you prepare the below-listed topics:

Hardware Software Windows operating system Internet terms and services Basic Functionalities of MS-Office (MS-word, MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint)
Logic gates History of computers Networking and communication Databases Hacking, Security Tools and Viruses

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Preparation Tips for Computer Knowledge

This section has 20 questions with each question carries 1 mark. With good practice, you can easily solve these within 5 minutes and score over 15 marks. Here are the general tips for preparation.

  1. Practice: It is advisable to prepare from the previous year's question papers and mock question papers. Practice with computer knowledge quiz. The paper can save enormous time if prepared well by the candidates.
  2. Go through the basics: The paper contains questions from a very basic level of computer knowledge. Try to learn full forms, machine components, internet-related analogies, etc.
  3. Shred the fear out: It is advised not to fear about the technology and rather embrace it. There are many candidates who are not prone to computers. So, it is advisable to take a practical tour of the machine and the internet itself rather than reading about them in the books.

Topic wise Preparation Strategy for Computer Knowledge

The candidates must focus on the section-wise study аѕ there would be а sectional cutoff to clear. Hеnсе thеу саnnоt leave аnу section. So, be prepared with a thorough study in the Computer knowledge section. Here are the individual topics which need to be prepared.

MS Office

This topic is vital for the computer knowledge section. If you are thorough with MS Office, you can easily clear the cut-off score in this section. Make sure you have sufficient knowledge of

a. PowerPoint

b. Word

c. Excel

d. Outlook

e. Keyboard shortcuts

f. Basics of the operating system and software


An Antivirus is an application used to protect the computer from viruses, automated scripts, and bugs and enable keeping the computer in a normal working condition. Learn the different types of antiviruses and how they keep your computer safe.

Binary Number system

Binary numbers are the basic blocks on which computers work, therefore, basic conversions from one unit to another should also be known to candidates.


The questions on this topic are mostly in basic history, evolution, syntax, interpreters, compilers, binary conversions, and hexadecimal conversions. You need not worry about higher-level programming questions in this section.


Learn the email basics, uses of email, basic email etiquettes one should have, the internet, the role of HTTP, FTP, protocols, etc.

Generations of computers

The history of computers and technology associated with each of the computer generations is to be studied. The type of technology that initiated the formulation of magnetic tapes and discs, batch processing, chips, microprocessor, etc. should be known.


The shortcut keys for accessing systems, browsers, new files, exiting a system, files, media files, etc. should be known. What sequences denote which operations, what sequences should be used to execute a task, shortcut keys for file, running, compiling, etc. comes easily with using computers.

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Probable Computer Knowledge Questions Asked in IBPS PO

Preparing for computer awareness is not too difficult if you inculcate a practical as well as theoretical interest in computers. Computers being a daily part of our lives are a must to be known and every person using computers should know the basics of computers. Some Computer Knowledge based questions are discussed below:

Ques. The language in which the applications communicate?

Ans. Application programming interface (API)

Ques. The cloud sharing that includes internal and external cloud service?

Ans. Hybrid IT

Ques. Which is not a flash memory?

Ans. Radio

Ques. IC in which generation?

Ans. 3rd generation

Ques. Which of this is not a Mobile OS?

Ans. Safari

Ques. Who controls all functions of the CPU?

Ans. Control unit

Ques. 1 nibble?

Ans. 4 bits

Ques. Online credit card which type processing?

Ans. Batch processing

Ques. Spell check is available at?

Ans. Review tab

Ques. Short cut for Rename of File?

Ans. F2

Ques. Which company first invented MODEM?

Ans. Bell 103 by AT&T (Dennis Hayes)

Ques. The smallest unit in an image on a computer screen?

Ans. Pixel

Ques. Network in which LAN and MAN both present?

Ans. WAN (Wide Area Network)

Ques. Verification of a login name and password is called?

Ans. Authentication

Ques. Top slide in a hierarchy of slides that stores information about the theme and slide layouts of a presentation in PowerPoint?

Ans. Slide Master

Ques. Not an object-oriented language?


Ques. 1 and 0 is?

Ans. Machine language

Ques. Stop error in Microsoft Windows?

Ans. Blue screen with white text

Ques. The principle that Internet service providers enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking particular products or websites?

Ans. Net Neutrality

Ques. IBM Supercomputer name?

Ans. Watson

Books for Computer Knowledge section

Reading is a valuable way of self-educating yourself and an excellent way of filling in time. If you want to clear the IBPS PO Computer Knowledge section, buy books according to the syllabus and written by a good writer.

Computer Knowledge Book Name Author’s name
Computer literacy and Knowledge for Bank PO and Bank Clerk Exam Kiran
Handbook on computer awareness NK Gupta

Be Confident about your efforts. It will surely bear fruit if you are sincere enough.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.