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Aug 28, 2020

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IBPS PO is a national level competitive exam conducted by The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection. It is conducted for the selection of probationary officers in different central and state banks of India. With lakhs of candidates applying every year, IBPS is one of the toughest exams in the country. While filling the online form for registration, you have to provide a list of banks you want to work with based on your order of preference. The most preferred option should be on the top of the list and the least preferred should be the last in the list. However, selecting the bank becomes very difficult for many candidates as there are so many private and public sector banks participating in the exam, and aspirants rarely have an idea about all of them.

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This post shares all the related details which you must be aware of in order to make the right choice as your career path largely depends on the choice you make during registration.

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Banks participating in IBPS PO 2020

The first and foremost thing to know is the number of banks who are participating in IBPS PO 2020 and the vacancies available each of the banks. The following table will high the names of the banks, their location, and the number of vacancies declared by them:

Participating organization HQ Location Vacancies 
Allahabad Bank Kolkata 235
Andhra Bank Hyderabad  625
Bank of Baroda Vadodara 
Bank of India Mumbai 200
Bank of Maharashtra Pune 100
Canara Bank Bangalore  1350
Central Bank of India Mumbai 100
Corporation Bank Mangalore  100
Dena Bank Mumbai  NR
IDBI Bank Mumbai 
Indian Bank Chennai  NR
Indian Overseas Bank Chennai 
Oriental Bank of Commerce Delhi  NR
Punjab National Bank Delhi  NR
Punjab & Sind Bank Delhi 
Syndicate Bank Manipal 
UCO Bank Kolkata  530
Union Bank of India Mumbai 322
United Bank of India Kolkata 
Vijaya Bank Bangalore 
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The order of Preference in IBPS PO

The order of preference can lie on different factors for different candidates. Remember that you should prioritize the factors that are most important to you in your career path. For some, this may be the location and ability to stay in their hometown and for others the ambience and work culture can hold more value. Keeping all such factors in mind we have recognized certain criteria that should be remembered while choosing the preferences during the IBPS PO Application Process.

Preference-based on vacancies available

Many candidates prefer listing their order of preference based on the number of vacancies available. Choosing the banks with the maximum number of vacancies means the maximum chance of getting recruited in your desired location and branch. Banks with more vacancies usually have a lower cut-off rate and hence this can be your first choice.

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Preference-based on location

If you have a specific location preference that is more important than the bank, look for banks that have headquarters in the state or city you want to stay. Usually, the bank tends to have the maximum number of branches in the state as well as the city where their headquarter is located. However, do note that your chances of selection get very limited if the banks in a specific location do not have enough vacancy.

Preference-based on work culture, HQ, staff behavior

These factors may appear trivial but they have a huge impact on your career growth and overall job satisfaction. These are also factors based on which the banks have completely different scenarios. The following table gives details of each and every bank that participates in IBPS PO based on their work culture, HQ, vacancies, scopes etc.

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Sl.No. Bank Work Culture
1 Allahabad Bank Total branches: 3245 There are foreign branches. Scope for personal growth is limited. It is the oldest joint stock bank in India. Mixed reviews about work culture from employees. The bank has a branch in Hong Kong and a representative office in Shenzhen.
2 Andhra Bank Total branches are 2885. The bank does not have any foreign branches. The management is helpful and there are many career growth opportunities. Most of the branches are located in south India. The bank has 438 satellite offices and 3798 ATMs.
3 Bank of India Total Branches: 5100. There are several foreign branches as well. The bank has a very healthy work environment and the scope of career growth is good. There are approximately 50+ offices located outside India and the maximum branches of this bank are in western India.
4 Bank of Baroda ( Dena Bank Vijaya Bank) Total branches-9470 Most branches are located in metro, urban and semi-urban locations. There are foreign branches too. Organized and friendly working environment. It is the second-largest bank after SBI. There are 100+ branch offices in 24 countries excluding India, and 10441 ATMs in India.
5 Bank of Maharashtra There are 1897 branches in India and no foreign branches. The management is very helpful and there are good career growth opportunities. Maximum branches are located in Maharashtra and the workforce is approximately 14000 currently.
6 Canara Bank Total Branches: 6205. The bank has foreign branches too. There are various scope for professional and personal growth and the overall feedback of employees is positive. The work culture and ambience is very progressive. The Canara bank is one of the oldest public sector banks. The international offices are located in Hong Kong, London, South Africa, Dubai, Moscow and many other places.
7 Central Bank of India Total Branches: 4685. There are several foreign branches as well. There are opportunities for growth but the method of working is rather unorganized. There are mixed reviews of employees. Most of the branches are located in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh. The overseas branches are located in regions like Hong Kong and Nairobi.
8 Corporation Bank Total Branches: 2432, Branchless Banking Units- 4,724. There are foreign branches as well. The work environment is supportive and friendly. Most branches are located in South India. Offices are also located in Hong Kong and Dubai. There are 2600 fully automated CBS branches.
9 Indian Overseas Bank Total Branches: 3700. There are foreign branches as well. The work environment is innovative and helpful to the new-comers. There are continuous learning opportunities and the reviews are positive from the employees. There are the international presence of the bank in regions like Seoul, Colombo, Bangkok, and Singapore. It is one of the top-performing banks in India.
10 Indian Bank Total Branches: 2900. Indian Bank has foreign branches as well. Friendly work culture and good opportunities to learn. Foreign branches are located in Sri Lanka, Singapore, and Colombo.
11 Oriental Bank of Commerce Total Branches: 1092. There are foreign branches too. However, limited personal and professional growth opportunities. The colleagues are very helpful and supportive. However, taking the factor of growth in mind, the reviews are mixed. Most of the branches are located in North India.
12 Punjab National Bank Total branches: 6937 Foreign branches are there. Most branches are in urban and semi-urban areas. Frequently training programs for employees. Professional working environment. It has approximately 10 million customers and 10681 ATMs across the country in 764 cities. Good work culture as per the employees.
13 Punjab & Sind Bank Total Branches: 1559. These banks do not have foreign branches. The work environment is supportive but the growth and learning scopes are limited. 623 branches are located in Punjab alone.
14 Syndicate Bank Total Branches: 3900. The Syndicate Bank has foreign branches too. The environment is professional and friendly. There are 27,446 employees of the bank and most branches are South India. It is also the first regional and rural bank of India and was called Prathama Bank. 
15 UCO Bank Total Branches: 4000+. The UCO bank has a number of foreign branches too. The work environment is challenging and healthy at the same time. Most branches are located in West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh. Overseas branches are in Hong Kong and Singapore.
16 Union Bank of India Total Branches: 4298. The international presence of the bank is notable. It has branches in Hong Kong, Dubai International Financial Centre, Antwerp, and Sydney. A large number of the branches are located in Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra. There is ample scope for growth and opportunities in this bank.
17 United Bank of India Total Branches: 2054. The international presence is notable too. The bank has a three-tier setup and has a major presence in North India. 1999 branches are CBS enabled and the total business of the bank is 2 lakhs crores. There are 35 regional offices and branches. The work environment is progressive and the higher management is helpful.

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Preference-based on salary

The salary structure, promotion procedure, and policies are similar for most banks and the job description is also the same for them all. However, there is a very slight variation from one bank to another. For example, the HRA benefits are lower in rural areas and non-metro cities which will have an impact on the gross salary that you draw. Consulting a family friend or relative working in the banking sector can help you get a more authentic idea about the salary structures and policies if this is the primary criteria for determining the order of preference.


When the bank has more branches, the frequency of transfer will also be more. If this is a problem, then you should choose accordingly. However, the banks that have frequent transfers, often give you a scope to choose the region where you want to be posted. Go through the transfer policies of the banks in order to understand whether they are favourable for you, before you make your list of preferences.

Tips to choose the right bank in order of Preference

Keeping the above factors in mind, the following are a few tips which you can follow and choose the banks in the right sequence of preference-

  • Start checking the different branches and their perks even before the application procedure starts so that you are already decided about which banks you are going to shortlist when you are filling up the form.
  • If you want to stay in your own state, choose a branch that has its headquarters in your state. Usually, most branches are located in cities in the same state.
  • Female candidates have the scope to select maximum branches in their own state or region.

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Best banks to work with through IBPS PO

The following are the best branch according to the regions of India-

  • Northern India
    • Allahabad Bank
    • Bank of Baroda
    • Punjab National Bank
    • Canara Bank
    • Oriental Bank of Commerce
    • Punjab & Sind Bank
    • Southern India
    • Canara Bank
    • Andhra Bank
    • Vijaya Bank
    • Indian Bank
    • Syndicate Bank
    • Indian Overseas Bank
    • Corporation Bank
  • West and Central Bank
    • Canara Bank
    • Bank of Maharashtra
    • Corporation Bank
    • Indian Overseas Bank
    • Bank of Baroda
    • Dena Bank
  • East and north-east India
    • Oriental Bank of Commerce
    • Bank of Baroda
    • Punjab National Bank
    • Allahabad Bank
    • Canara Bank
    • Punjab & Sind bank

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Listing the bank preference is a vital part of the IBPS PO application process and must be done very carefully as it can impact your career growth immensely. Keeping the criteria and analysis shared here in mind, you can make sure that the choices are rightly done.


Ques. The vacancy list of my preferred bank has not been published yet. What should be done?

Ans. It is best to keep the bank as the last choice in your preference list in case the vacancy has not been declared yet and opt for a bank with many vacancies as a top priority. This can make your chances of being recruited smoother.

Ques. If there is not enough vacancy in my preferred banks but I have qualified the exam, will I be selected?

Ans. You will be selected but offered a position in your less preferred organizations or a different organization participating in IBPS PO, depending on the available vacancy.

Ques. Are the transfer policies very strict even for women candidates?

Ans. If the bank has many branches, the transfer policies are likely to be very strict. But on a positive note, many banks offer the employees the opportunity to choose the region or transfer, and women candidates have the option to select more number of banks in their own state or hometown.

Ques. Can I choose a bank that is outside my state?

Ans. Yes, you can choose any bank across India even if its headquarters are in a different state.

Ques. Is it better to choose a bank whose headquarters is in my hometown?

Ans. The maximum branches of any bank are present in the same where its headquarters are situated. If you want to stay within your state or hometown this is a wise choice.

Ques. Is the scope for growth and promotion the same in all the banks participating in IBPS PO?

Ans. The job description and opportunities are mostly similar in all the participating branches though there are slight differences in policies from one bank to another. You can find these out by going through the banks’ employment policies or conversing with a present employee of your preferred bank.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.