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How to prepare for IBPS PO 2020 Mains Descriptive Paper

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Jun 9, 2020

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Mains for IBPS PO was scheduled for November 30, 2019.  It is the second phase of the selection procedure for IBPS PO. Apart from the objective paper, IBPS has also introduced an English descriptive paper in Mains that will carry 25 marks. The marks scored in this section will be added to the final score of IBPS PO. Hence, it is essential to score well in this section. 

Since, this is a new addition to the question paper, candidates must be aware of the type of questions asked in this section to score well. As per the traditional IBPS PO Exam Pattern,  there are 4 sections in the objective paper:

  • Reasoning & Computer Aptitude

  • General/ Economy/ Banking Awareness

  • English Language

  • Data Analysis & Interpretation

English Descriptive Paper

This is the section introduced in 2019 to judge the candidates on their communication skills. Candidates are required to complete this section within 30 minutes. It carries 25 marks and comprises 2 questions:

  • Essay writing- 15 marks
  • Letter writing- 10 marks

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English Descriptive Paper - Letter Writing

Letter writing section purely checks the communication skills of the candidates. There are two types of letters:

  • Formal Letter – This type of letter is written for professional relationships such as addressing government organizations, banks or internally in the organization.
  • Informal Letter – Such letters are written to near and dear ones such as relatives or friends. Such letters are also known as personal letters.

The language used for both types of letters is different.

The basic format for Informal and Formal letters:

  • Letterhead (formal letter)
  • Date
  • Address
  • Subject (formal letter)
  • Salutation
  • Content of letter (preferably in 3 paragraphs)
  • Complimentary closing
  • Writers name & designation

Important tips for Letter Writing

  • Include address & email in the letter.
  • The writer’s introduction is important in formal letters, whereas it is not in informal letters.
  • The candidate must adhere to the pattern of letters strictly.
  • Two to three paragraphs should explain the subject in detail.
  • Information should be conveyed clearly.
  • It is advised to write XYZ or ABC while writing the letter instead of writing any name.
  • The letter must be written in an active voice.

Sample Topics for Letter writing in IBPS PO 

  • Letters to news editor for a particular issue
  • Complaint letters
  • Letters to friends for discussing any formal issue
  • Letters to bank manager for issues in the bank such as loans, facilities offered and other services
  • Lodging a police complaint about any misconduct

English Descriptive Paper - Essay Writing

Writing an Essay tests the ability of the writer with respect to imagination and organization of the content which further tests the clarity of the idea.

An essay must be structured in the following manner:

  • Thesis Statment – This single line section writes about the topic of the essay and the main argument related to it.
  • Introduction – Discuss in brief the idea of the essay. The introduction must be attractive to gain the attention of the reader.
  • Body – The main content of the essay is explained here. The idea must be clear and content should be organized. 
  • Conclusion – Summarize the idea of the essay. No new points must be written. It should be short (3 to 5 sentences). Restate the thesis statement here.

Important tips for Essay writing

  • One must make good use of vocabulary.
  • Candidate must take the time to organize the points to be included in the essay before writing.
  • The body of the essay must be written in small paragraphs for more clarity.
  • One can write quotes to enhance the quality of the essay.
  • Strong opinions should be given instead of suggestions.

Sample Topics for Essay Writing in IBPS PO 

  • Environment
  • Issues related to farmers
  • Women Equality
  • Education in India
  • Indian Economy

How to evaluate Letters and Essays?

There is no fixed criteria for evaluation of Essays and Letters but some common points may be included to judge the content:

  • Imagination and Content – The examiner searches for good and organized content. Besides, the examinee is also judged on the basis of creativity/imagination which gives new ideas to be incorporated in the essay or letter.
  • Structure – Candidates must create three parts of an essay – introduction, body, and conclusion. The examiner will try and look for organized content with ideas and examples supporting the same. The relevance of the ideas used in the essay is also counted. For letters, the structure is the most important aspect of writing. One must adhere to the structure used for writing a letter.
  • Grammar – A bad grammar could ruin the content. The candidates must follow the rules of grammar strictly such as punctuations, verbs, adjectives, and voice. Also, the content must be written in simple language which could be understood by the reader easily. For that, sentences must be complete, relevant and organized.
  • Vocabulary and Spellings – Vocabulary does not always mean making use of complex words, simple vocabulary can do wonders. Examiner makes sure there are no spelling mistakes and the idea is conveyed well.

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*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.