How Kirtan Buhecha Aced IBPS PO 2020 in just 6 months, Know his Preparation Strategy

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Apr 29, 2021

IBPS PO is an exam conducted by the Institute of Banking Personnel to recruit Probationary Officers in 15 Public Sector Banks. This exam is conducted annually on a national level.

Kirtan Buhecha, who cleared the IBPS PO 2020, overcame his weaknesses and fears in merely 2 months of initial preparations. Read on to know how he aced IBPS PO in just 6 months, thanks to regular practice and IBPS PO Practice Papers.

Stepping on to the Journey

Kirtan Buhecha started preparing for IBPS PO 2020 on March 15, 2020, just 9 days before India went into lockdown. So most of his initial preparations were done in the strenuous period of the long-drawn lockdown.

Just like anyone else, he too was confused on how to start with the preparations. Apart from checking the IBPS PO Exam Pattern, he began by browsing the internet and clearing his concepts about the exam. He watched videos on Youtube and read articles until he had an idea about the required approach.

Knowing the Journey

After his thorough research on the internet about IBPS PO Syllabus and everything associated, Kirtan understood that skills are prioritized over knowledge in the Banking Sector. So he labored to enhance his skills and worked on each section of the IBPS PO.

After 2 months of laborious efforts, he could feel the improvements as compared to the beginning. He was almost done studying and learning about Banking. However, he knew that he could not start with the mock tests just yet.

Testing Yourself

According to him, there are stages to preparation that must be followed religiously. One cannot start his preparation by solving sample papers or taking tests. Every aspirant must start by learning about the concepts and then move on to studying. Taking tests come after one has finished studying, followed by solving Practice Papers.

It is important to follow these stages as taking tests and solving papers demotivate the students and cause them to lose confidence. Thus, taking the time-induced mock tests must be at the very end of the journey.

Approaching Each Section Smartly

In his IBPS PO Preparation Strategies, Kirtan emphasizes how it is essential to plan and approach each section of the paper smartly. Every topic of the paper has its unique criteria and requires distinct strategies to ace it.

Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation

This section of the paper is known to be most difficult for all the aspirants. Thus, Kirtan started with going back to basics and learned all the methods, formulas, and tables.

He firmly believes that regular and rigorous practice of this section can easily result in success. He solved 20-25 questions of Arithmetic every other day, and at least 15 questions from all the other topics every day.

He followed almost the same pattern for the preparation of IBPS PO Mains. He just added the preparation of Data Interpretation on the day of Arithmetic preparation.


This section can seem daunting at first but regular practice can turn it into a confidence booster.

Kirtan approached this topic by clearing all the methodologies, he watched many Youtube videos for that. After knowing the methods and techniques and began solving the puzzles from books and the internet. He would solve at least 5 miscellaneous puzzles every day and by the time of his final IBPS PO exam, he has solved more than 3000 puzzles. He feels proud for changing his fears into confidence.


English is another section that troubles some of the aspirants but Kirtan never faced any of them. He made it a routine to read 2 Editorial articles from Hindu every day. He also maintained a list of new words that he found in the Editorials and revised it every third day. On weekends, he made it a point to solve at least 10 comprehension passages. This determination and regularity can definitely turn into a decent score.

Current Affairs

Just like many other candidates, Kirtan too found this section extremely boring. However, he adopted the 21 days rule of getting habituated to a new thing, and that helped him focus on this topic. He divided all the events of the previous 6 months into segments- first containing the events of the prior 2 months and the second with the events of the latter 4 months.

For the first segment, he watched Youtube videos related to the top monthly current affairs. On the other hand, he deeply researched and studied for the second segment. He had the understanding that the last 4 months before the exam were most important for this section. Thus his approach earned him a decent score.

Words to Other Aspirants

In his message to other aspirants, Kirtan takes a very positive attitude and fills them with motivation. He says, “My fellow future bankers, I understand that this journey is not very easy, and it’s filled with emotional downfalls, self-doubt, and anxiety, but the fruits at the end of this journey are the sweetest. Surround yourself with positive people and with people who would understand you. Take a break once in a while to recreate yourself. All the very best to all of you.”

Every student has their own strengths and weaknesses, and even their own goals. Thus, it is important to explore and learn on your own. Remember the tips shared by toppers and experts but chart your own strategies and plans.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.