CDS 2021 General Knowledge Exam Pattern, Syllabus, Preparation Tips, Recommended Books.

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Mar 15, 2021

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The General Knowledge paper is mandatory for all candidates. The syllabus of the General Knowlege section is quite vast and comprises History, Geography, Science, Polity, Economics, Current Affairs.

There are a total of 120 questions along with negative marking for each wrong attempts. The primary source of study is magazines and newspapers for this section.

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CDS 2021 General Knowledge Highlights

  • The total marks of this paper are 100 marks consisting of 120 questions.
  • Candidates will get 2 hours to complete this paper.
  • Each question carries 0.83 marks.
  • For each wrong answer, there will a deduction of -0.27 marks.
  • Questions will be asked in both English and Hindi.

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CDS 2021 General Knowledge Syllabus


This paper has been divided into 12 sections to understand the complications of the General Knowledge syllabus.

Economics Physics Current Affairs
Chemistry Sociology History and Culture
Geography Environment and Biodiversity Polity and Governance
Biology Miscellaneous Defence-related

CDS 2021 General Knowledge: Expected Number of Questions

Number of Questions

The difficulty level of the General Knowledge Paper of CDS is moderate to difficult. Based on the analysis of the previous years’ questions, here is a table that will give an idea about the standard of the topics and the probable number of questions from each topic.

Topics Number of Questions Difficulty Level
History 23 - 18 Moderate
Geography 15 - 17 Moderate to Difficult
Polity 13 - 17 Moderate
Economy 12 - 14 Moderate
Current Affairs 20 - 23 Easy to Moderate
Physics 8 - 10 Moderate to Difficult
Chemistry 8 - 10 Moderate
Biology 9 - 10 Moderate
Defence News 9 - 11 Moderate
Miscellaneous GK 15 - 17 Easy to Moderate

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How to Prepare for the CDS General Knowledge Section?

How to Prepare

CDS 2021 is expected to be held in November 2021. The first thing is to divide the General knowledge paper into subsections so that you can prepare section-wise and be able to complete all the sections incorporated by UPSC.

Current Affairs

One of the most important sections, Current Affairs occupies almost 20% of CDS General Knowledge Paper. Newspapers like The Hindu, The Indian Express, Business Standards, Dainik Jagran, etc. and Magazines like Pratiyagita Darpan, Economic and Political Weekly, Science Reporter, etc are the best sources to improve the knowledge of current affairs. Television, Online Sources, and apps also can be useful. But the most important part is to make notes of the most effective movements and incidents. It will help you to revise quickly before the exam.

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History and Culture

  • The questions from this section usually cover almost 15% of CDS GK paper. The history section can be divided into 3 subsections: Ancient India, Medieval India, and Modern India.
  • Ancient History begins the initial period to the mid-8th Century AD focusing on Stone Age, Palaeolithic Age, Mesolithic Age, Neolithic Age, and Chalcolithic Age.
  • The second phase i.e. Medieval India dates back from the mid-8th Century to the beginning of 18th Century AD and is formed of the Mughal, Vijayanagar Empire, Sultanate rulers along with the rising and fall of all rulers mentioned.
  • The historical period of Modern India is the phase from the beginning of colonialism to the end of foreign powers and Partition.
  • This is the most important section of these three sub-sections of History.
  • In this period, the movements, freedom struggles, the role of the press and Indian literature along with the personalities should be focused upon.
  • Indian Culture is about the forms of Art originated and practised in India like architecture, dance forms, literature, paintings, music, etc.
Name of Books Author / Publisher
India’s Ancient Past R. S. Sharma
History of Medieval India Satish Chandra
History of Modern India Bipan Chandra
India’s Struggle For Independence Bipan Chandra
Indian Art and Culture Nitin Singhania
From Plassey to Partition: A History of Modern India Sekhar Bandyopadhyay

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  • On average, 16 questions come every year from this section in the GK paper.
  • The syllabus of geography is not mentioned in the official notification. However,  from the previous years’ questions analysis, this section can be divided into Indian and World geography. Basic important topics like Drainage System, Soils, Census, Mineral resources distribution, Location of mountains, boundaries of States, passes, Atmosphere, Oceans, Landforms, Important tribal groups, especially those living in hilly areas, etc. should be candidates’ basic priority while preparing for geography.
  • Few questions are also asked every year on static GK related to Geography such as tallest mountains in each continent, longest rivers in the world, railways zones, important ports in India, key waterways, airports, etc.
  • For this, the Class XI and Class XII Physical, Human and Economic Geography books of the NCERT are suitable to start your preparation.


  • Science occupies the major part of CDS General Knowledge.
  • It covers almost 25% of all questions in this paper.
  •  In the Physics section, the most important topics like Magnet, Electricity, Light, Sound, Work and Energy, Gravitation, Force and Laws Of Motion, Motion, Electric Current, Sound, Friction, Force and Pressure, Motion and Time, Heat, etc should be your main focus.
  • From Chemistry, almost 8 - 10 questions can be expected in CDS 2021 General Knowledge Paper.
  • The major topics such as Acids, Bases and Salts, Physical and Chemical Changes, Synthetic Fibres and Plastics, Materials- Metals and Non-Metals, Coal and petroleum, Combustion and Flame, Matter In Our Surroundings, Atoms and Molecules, Chemical Reactions and Equations, Metals and Non-metals, Carbon and its Compounds, and Periodic Classification of Elements, etc are the main topics and also covers 90% of the syllabus.
  • From Biology, on average, more than 7 questions are asked.
  • Primary topics like Nutrition, Organisms, Transportation, Reproduction, Microorganisms, Cell Structure and Functions, Fundamental Unit Of life, Tissues, Life Processes, Control and Coordination, Biotechnology, etc almost give an overview of Biology and agriculture.
  • To prepare for all topics and subsections of Science, Standard IX, X, XI, and XII of NCERT for Physics, Chemistry and Physics are most preferable.

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  • The number of questions from the Polity section ranges from 18 to 21.
  • The questions are not very tricky in comparison to other sections. First, divide into subsections like Preamble, Schedules, Constitution of India, Citizenship, Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties, Directive Principles of State Policy, Union, Parliament, Judiciary, State Government, State Legislature, Administration of UT, Administration of Special Areas, Emergency Provisions, Panchayati raj and municipalities, Central and Interstate relations, Constitutional Bodies, Non-Constitutional Bodies, and Tribunals, etc.
  • Find out the major topic from which question has come almost every year.
  • However, at the beginning of preparation, read it like a casual novel and then go in-depth.
  • It will help to cover and understand all the topics very minutely.
  • A list of books is mentioned below for Polity preparation:
  • India Polity by Laxmikant
  • Indian Constitution - NCERT Standard XI
  • Democratic Politics - NCERT Standard IX


  • From this section 8 - 10 questions can be expected in this exam. The difficulty level of the economics part is moderate to difficult.
  • For this section of CDS exam preparation, topics such as RBI Monetary Policy, FDI, anti-poverty and employment generation programs like JNNURM, PMGSY, etc, and terms such as GNP, NNP, GDP are important.
  • Moreover, leading products of India like Pulses, Bananas, etc., and Green, White and Blue Revolution, important industries of India, Banking System of India, Currency and Inflation, working of international organizations like IMF, IDA, WTO, etc, census of India, etc. should be in your preparation list. Depreciation, Type of taxes: Wealth tax, Income tax, Service tax, etc. also occupy a major part of the Economic section.

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Miscellaneous General Knowledge

Awards, Sports, books and authors, Abbreviations, Defence, Environmental Studies, etc fall under the section of Miscellaneous General Knowledge. This section has a weightage of 17 to 20 marks. The difficulty level of this section is easy to moderate. The only way to answer this section is to keep yourself updated with Current Affairs. Other than the above-mentioned resources, books also can be followed:

  • General Knowledge 2021 - R.K Saxena
  • General Knowledge 2021 – Arihant Publications

Previous Years’ Question Papers of CDS General Knowledge

Previous Year's Papers

To prepare for any section one needs to go through previous years’ questions from the very beginning of the preparation. Below are the CDS General Knowledge Papers of previous years.

Year Downloading Link
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CDS 2021 GK Study Plan

Study Plan
  • For General Knowledge Paper, the last 4 - 6 months before the exam is enough. Create a daily routine of daily activities and practice including 3 papers.
  • Dedicate at least 2 - 4 hours to this paper according to your educational background.
  • Do not hop on every topic all at once. Take two topics at a time: one from your safe havens and another one out of your comfort zone.
  • For the uneasy topics, start with Basic NCERT books to have clear concepts.

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CDS 2021 Current Affairs: Practice and Management Strategy

  • Try to follow sample papers and previous years’ questions and take mock tests as regular as possible. Do keep a track of timing.
  • One has to answer 120 questions in 2 hours. So according to the statistical analysis one will not get more than 45 - 50 seconds for each question because the exam mode is offline.
  • So one has to save 12- 15 minutes to bubble the OMR Sheets. Try to follow that strategy at home so that at the exam hall, no questions will be missed.
  • At home try to answer each question within 1 minute with confidence so that in the CDS Exam, you will be able to answer the questions with accuracy.
  • Keep the scratch papers of your practice and mock tests also so that later on you might be able to analyze your improvements.
  • There are few online portals for the latest updates. Use those websites with notifications turned on so that you will be informed about all the current updates as soon as possible.



Ques. Which newspapers are most beneficial?

Ans. Newspapers are the most affordable and best source for studying current events. Everyone has their own preference for medium and type. But for UPSC, there are references:

  • The Hindu
  • Indian Express

Ques. Are NCERT books enough for CDS?

Ans. No, they are not enough. They are really good for giving you the basic idea of the whole syllabus and trigger your preparation for CDS. But for in-depth knowledge, you have to follow separate books for CDS English Language, General Knowledge and Elementary Mathematics.

Ques. How many days of preparation are required for CDS?

Ans. For CDS 2021 Exam, there are more than 6 months to prepare. Make a chart of 6 months of preparations for the CDS Exam. if you are dedicated to each section equally, General Studies takes the last 4 - 3 months, for the English Language 3 months depending on your depth in English and for Mathematics, 5 - 6 months is really sufficient based on your educational background and logical analysis.

Ques. Does 12th class marks matter in CDS?

Ans. There is no minimum percentage of Standard 12 and Graduation required for the CDS 2021 Application. A candidate has to be passed in both Standard 12 and Graduation and possess a valid certificate of both degrees from a recognized Board or university by the State or central government of India.

Ques. Can students in their final year of college who still have not graduated apply for this exam?

Ans. CDS Aspirants who are in their final year or semester of an eligible degree course can apply for the CDS 2021 Exam. But each candidate needs to submit proof of passing the Degree by the prescribed date. This passing degree will be needed at the time of SSB interview

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.