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Jun 19, 2019

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CDS 1 2017 was successfully conducted on February 5, 2017 at various exam centers. The CDS 1 2017 had 3 papers for those opting for IMA, AFA and INA and 2 papers for candidates opting for OTA. The CDS Exam Pattern is divided into 3 sections: English, General Knowledge and Elementary Mathematics, the candidates are tested in each and every section and the duration of each of these is 2 hours.

Around 4 lacs candidates appeared for CDS. The CDS 1 2017 exam was conducted in offline mode. All the 3 papers comprised of multiple choice questions (MCQs). CDS papers on English and General Knowledge included 120 questions each while the paper on Elementary Mathematics comprised of 100 questions. Maximum marks allotted to each CDS paper is 100 marks.

CDS 1 2017 Paper Analysis

The pattern of questions in CDS Exam 1 2017 was more or less of the moderate level of difficulty. Questions were slightly tricky, lengthy and time-consuming. English was held in the morning session while General Knowledge conducted in the afternoon shift. In evening shift, Mathematics paper was held. The section-wise CDS 1 2017 paper analysis is discussed below:

CDS 1 2017: English Paper Analysis

The overall difficulty level of CDS 1 2017 English language section was moderate. Question from vocabulary and grammar dominated the section. The section consisted of 6 short passages. The passages had a few inferences based questions too, which were a little tricky in nature. Among 120 questions; 20 questions were from spotting errors, 24 questions from rearrangement of words, 20 questions from antonyms and remaining questions were from synonyms, ordering of sentences and cloze test.

The detailed breakdown of questions is given below:

CDS Paper Analysis
Reading Comprehension 21 Easy
Spotting Errors 20 Easy – Moderate
Rearrangement of Words 24 Moderate
Synonyms 17 Easy
Antonyms 20 Moderate
Cloze Test 12 Easy – Moderate
Ordering of Sentences 6 Moderate

CDS 1 2017: General Knowledge Paper Analysis

If you know the answers then General Knowledge section is easy else it is always a difficult section to clear. General Science section dominated this paper with most of the questions. Questions from history revolved mainly around art and culture of the 18th century. However, questions on current affairs were easy and scoring.

This year, there were science based questions from Physics, Biology and Chemistry as well but they were basic in nature and hence very scoring. The overall, this section had a mixture of easy, medium and difficult level of questions.

Topic wise distribution of questions and level of difficulty is mentioned below.

CDS Paper Analysis
History 19 Difficult
Science 29 Easy (Concept-based)
Geography 20 Moderate (Analytical)
Ecology 7 Moderate (Fact-Based)
Polity 11 Easy to Moderate
Economy/ Trade 11 Moderate (Fact-based)
Misc. /Armed Forces 23 Moderate (Fact)

CDS 1 2017: Elementary Mathematics Paper Analysis

CDS 1 2017 Mathematics section was quite tricky and lengthy in nature. Among 100 question, 60 % of the questions were from Trigonometry, geometry, and arithmetic ability and remaining 40% question were from miscellaneous topics. Overall, it was decent paper with the questions from a variety of areas. The aspirants who possess the ability to solve problems quicker will definitely score better in CDS exam.

Elementary mathematics was moderate, but calculative and is the most time-consuming section among

The detailed CDS 2017 paper analysis is as below:

Number System 20 Easy-Moderate
Simple interest/Compound interest 5 Moderate
Percentage 2 Easy
Profit/Loss 1 Moderate
Mixture 1 Moderate
Time and Work 3 Moderate
Time speed and Distance 6 Easy
Clock 2 Moderate
Trigonometry 14 Moderate-tough
Set Theory 1 Easy
Geometry 20 Easy-Moderate
Mensuration 14 Moderate
Algebra 7 Easy-Moderate
Mean-Median-Mode (Frequency Distribution Table) 4 Easy

CDS 1 2017 Qualifying Marks

The sectional cut off of the CDS 1 2017 examination is considered as the CDS 1 2017 qualifying marks for each section. Candidates have to qualify in each section by attaining 20% of maximum marks i.e. 20 marks for each course in each section:

IMA 20% of maximum marks. i.e. 20 marks
INA 20% of maximum marks. i.e. 20 marks
AFA 20% of maximum marks. i.e. 20 marks
OTA for men 20% of maximum marks. i.e. 20 marks
OTA for women 20% of maximum marks. i.e. 20 marks

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CDS 1 2017 Expected Cutoff

The minimum qualifying marks in each section of the CDS 1 2017 examination is considered as the CDS 1 2017 Cut off. Candidates have to qualify in each of the three sections by securing cut-off marks to be decided by CDS. The mentioned below table gives the CDS Cutoff for each section:

IMA 97-102
INA 97-102
AFA 127-132
OTA (Men) 76-81
OTA(Women) 76-81

Note: A minimum score of 20 marks, in each paper, is required to clear the cut-off.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.