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KVPY 2021 Subject Wise Exam Pattern for Part 1 & 2, Syllabus & Preparation Tips

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Feb 15, 2021

The Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore publishes the exam pattern of the KVPY 2021 exam on the official website- KVPY Exam Pattern 2021 includes the marks distribution, number of questions in each section, qualifying marks in KVPY exam. 

The exam will be conducted in online mode and the aspirants can take the exam in any of the language mediums: English and Hindi. The expected KVPY Exam Pattern 2021 will have objective type questions of 100 marks in total. 

The applicants will have to attempt questions from Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics within 3 hours. You can scroll down to know further about all the information about KVPY Exam Pattern 2021 to prepare better for this upcoming exam.

Exam Pattern Highlights

KVPY 2021 Exam Pattern: Highlights

Mode of KVPY Exam Online (Computer Based Test)
The medium of question paper Hindi and English
Question Types MCQs
Exam duration 3 hours
Number of sections Part I and Part II
Total marks 100
Marking Sheme

KVPY Marking Scheme

Stream SA

Sections of Stream SA Number of questions Total Marks
Part – I Part – II 100
Mathematics 15 5 25
Physics 15 5 25
Chemistry 15 5 25
Biology 15 5 25


Sections of Stream SB and SX Number of Questions Total Marks
Part I Part II 160
Mathematics 20 10 40
Physics 20 10 40
Chemistry 20 10 40
Biology 20 10 40
  • The aspirants have to attempt questions from Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology within 3 hours for SA, SB, and SX papers.
  • KVPY exam for SB/SX stream will be conducted from 2 to 5 PM. 
  • The KVPY 2021 Questions papers will be available in both English and Hindi. 
  • The question type will be objective-based and the questions will not carry any negative marking.
  • The aspirants have to answer 3 sections from part 1 (20*3= 60 marks) and 2 sections from part 2 =(20*2=40), so the total allocated marks are 100. However, the question paper will be 160 marks. 
  • In Part I, each question will carry 1 mark and the aspirants will be deducted 0.25 marks for the wrong answers.
  • In Part II, each question will carry 2 marks and the candidates will be deducted 0.5 marks for every wrong answer.
KVPY Syllabus

KVPY 2021 Syllabus

The syllabus of KVPY 2021 will cover the PCMB subjects. Though there is no prescribed syllabus on the official website https://, the expected topics for each section are mentioned here based on the previous year’s information. Check KVPY 2021 Eligibility

Stream SA syllabus

1. Physics

1. Electromagnetic Induction

2. Kinematics

3. Refraction

4. Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating Current

5. Physical World and Measurement

6. Electrostatics

7. Reflection of Light

8. Sources of Energy

9. Work, Energy and Power

10. Laws of Motion

11. Magnetic Effects of Current

12. Gravitation

13. Thermodynamics

14. Current Electricity

2. Chemistry

1. Classification of Elements & Periodicity in Properties

2. Chemical Reactions

3. Periodic Classification of Elements

4. Thermodynamics

5. Environmental Chemistry

6. Metals and Non-Metals

7. Acids

8. Bases and Salts

9. Basic Concepts of Chemistry

10. States of Matter

11. Gases and Liquids

12. Carbon Compounds

3. Biology

1. Cell: Structure and Function, Human Physiology

2. Control and Coordination in Animals and Plants

3. Heredity and Evolution

4. Plant Physiology

5. Diversity of Living Organisms

6. Reproduction

7. Life Processes

8. Our environment

4. Mathematics

1. Polynomials

2. Trigonometric Functions

3. Quadratic Equations

4. Geometry

5. Real Number

6. Mathematical Reasoning

7. Statistics and Probability

8. Introduction to Trigonometry

9. Probability

10. Coordinate Geometry

11. Surface Areas & Volumes

12. Statistics

Stream SB syllabus

  1. Physics

1. Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating Current

2. Electromagnetic Induction

3. Thermal Physics

4. Sources of Energy

5. Kinematics

6. Work, Energy and Power

7. Physical World and Measurement

8. Current Electricity

9. Applications in Daily Life

10. Electricity & Magnetism, Electrostatics

11. Gravitation

12. Thermodynamics

13. Reflection

14. Magnetic Effects of Current

15. Refraction

16. Laws of Motion

17. Electrostatics

18. Waves & Optics

  1. Chemistry

1. Thermodynamics

2. Structure & Bonding

3. Periodic Classification of Elements

4. Chemical Reactions

5. Chemical Kinetics

6. Metals and Non-Metals

7. Solid State

8. Basic Concepts of Chemistry

9. Cycloalkenes

10. Dienes and Alkynes

11. Environmental Chemistry

12. Carbon compounds

13. Chemical Bonding

14. Gases and Liquids

15. Acids

16. Classification of Elements & Periodicity in Properties

17. Bases and Salts

18. States of Matter

19. Isolation of Elements

20. Chemistry of Noble Gases

21. Surface Chemistry

22. Alkenes

23. Electrochemistry

  1. Biology

1. Human Physiology

2. Cell: Structure and Function

3. Reproduction

4. Control and Coordination in Animals and Plant

5. Diversity of Living Organisms

6. Biology and Human Welfare

7. Biotechnology

8. Genetics

9. Genetics and Evolution

10. Our Environment

11. Plant Physiology

12. Ecology and Environment

13. Life Processes

  1. Mathematics

1. Statistics

2. Relations and Functions

3. Vectors and 3-D Geometry

4. Surface Areas & Volumes

5. Evaluation of Integrals

6. Quadratic Equations

7. Calculus

8. Polynomials

9. Statistics and Probability

10. Real Number

11. Vector Algebra

12. Geometry

13. Analytical Geometry in Two Dimensions

14. Introduction to Trigonometry

15. Trigonometric Functions

16. Probability

17. Mathematical Reasoning

18. Coordinate Geometry

19. Linear Programming

Stream SX syllabus


1. Reflection of Light

2. Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating Current

3. Kinematics

4. Sources of Energy

5. Electrostatics

6. Magnetic Effects of Current

7. Laws of Motion

8. Work, Energy and Power

9. Current Electricity

10. Gravitation

11. Physical World and Measurement

12. Refraction


1. States of Matter: Gases and Liquids

2. Surface Chemistry

3. Periodic Classification of Elements

4. Carbon compounds

5. Metals and Non-Metals

6. Environmental Chemistry

7. Solid State

8. Electrochemistry

9. Basic Concepts of Chemistry

10. Classification of Elements & Periodicity in Properties

11. Thermodynamics

12. Chemical Reactions

13. Chemical Kinetics

14. Isolation of Elements


1. Genetics and Evolution

2. Life Processes

3. Ecology and environment

4. Cell: Structure and Function

5. Control and Coordination in Animals and Plants

6. Plant Physiology

7. Reproduction

8. Human Physiology

9. Biology and Human Welfare

10. Diversity of Living Organisms


1. Coordinate Geometry

2. Quadratic Equations

3. Surface Areas & Volumes

4. Introduction to Trigonometry

5. Polynomials

6. Mathematical Reasoning

7. Vectors and 3-D Geometry

8. Real Number

9. Calculus

10. Statistics

11. Trigonometric Functions

12. Probability

13. Geometry

14. Statistics and Probability

15. Relations and Functions

16. Linear Programming

KVPY Strategic Preparation

KVPY strategic preparation

Now we are aware of the syllabus and exam pattern of the KVPY exam 2021. Now, let’s talk about the strategies which we should follow to have a desired result in the exam. Not only knowledge gives us power in such tough exams but also following a strategic way of preparation can give any student better results.

1. Align Your Preparations for KVPY with other exams

First, align your preparation with JEE/AIPMT. If you are preparing for JEE or AIPMT, then it is excellent news. The syllabus of these three exams is the same and the KVPY 2021 exam pattern and questions are of an advanced level of JEE. So, if your focus is to crack JEE or AIPMT, then it will speed up your preparation for the KVPY exam.

2. Self – knowledge

Before jumping into any subject or area, first, the student must have a self-knowledge i. e. the student who is preparing should be determined about his/her strengths and weaknesses. Make a personal list and a table in which subjects and areas you are weak and strong and give more strength on important matters and clear the concept.

3. Subject-wise preparation

Concept clearing will help to solve strong and tricky problems. That is why a student should concentrate on each problem and create and maintain a time-table around each subject.

  • Physics: From this section of KVPY Exam Pattern 2021, lots of questions are asked from the Optics and Resistor Series. 
  • Even in SA which is KVPY for class 11, few questions are asked from the class 12 syllabus such as Lens Maker’s Formula and Kirchhoff’s rules. 
  • If physics is your strength, you will have an advantage over others.
  • Chemistry: It is easier when compared to physics though it varies from candidate to candidate. Revising 10 the standard basic thing would be very much helpful and productive. 
  • Most of the questions are reaction or property-based, very few questions will be asked from numerical. You must have a clear concept of chemical bonding, organic and physical chemistry. NCERT is not sufficient in this case.
  • Mathematics: Mathematics, practice is very much important. Formulas should be on your tips. Know every shortcut possible. Learn important Results and theorems. 
  • Mathematics is not just solving; it needs a little visual power too. For example, - graphs and curve sketching. You are going to face a lot of IQ-based problems in KVPY Math.
  • Biology: Biology is considered the easiest section in the KVPY exam pattern 2021. NCERT Biology is sufficient. Remember the diagrams and their labels. Practice MCQs in Biology. 

You must know the basic biology of class 9 and 10 for SA. Moreover, it is very scoring and students can easily qualify this section. 

Make your own notes in Biology, including flow charts and shortcuts to learn important topics.

4. Solve previous question papers

If you want to have a fair idea about what kind of questions you may face in KVPY exams, it is always helpful to go through the previous year's question papers and solve them on your own. 

It will give you a taste of how tough the exam could be for you and how much preparation is needed. Not only previous year question papers but also the sample papers of KVPY 2020 should also be in students’ minds and follow them too. It will provide a graph of what areas are more important and what areas can fetch more marks.

5. Time Management

Time management plays a vital role in any student’s academic life and when the question comes to clearing examinations like KVPY, an aspirant should prepare a balanced and practical time-table. This leaves a huge impact on any candidate’s result.

6. Practice online test

KVPY consists of two main stages – online aptitude test and interview. An online aptitude test is a computer-based examination. 

In order to thrive in this test, you must consider taking mock computer-based tests. Mock tests on a computer will help you get familiar with the nature of this test. Along with free or subscribed mock tests, one can find study materials that have been proved very helpful and up-to-date.

7. Recommended Books for KVPY 2021

Before choosing the reference books for KVPY 2021, do keep in mind that those books should cover the KVPY Syllabus with appropriate and accurate study material. Apart from the online study material, students also can rely on the following books which can be found in hard copies:





Concept of Physics

DC Pandey

Fundamentals of Physics

David Halliday, Robert Resnick and Jearl Walker


Mathematics for class XI

RD Sharma; Publisher: Dhanpat


NCERT Organic and Physical Chemistry

O.P Tandon

Modern ABC of Chemistry for class XI

Modern Publishers


Elementary Biology – Volume 1

K.N Bhatia and M.P. Tyagi; Publisher: Trueman

8. Maintain a Notebook for Important Formula

 Make notes during preparation phase. Maintain a notebook for all the important formulas, theorems, proofs and equations while studying. Keep revising from it every day. This will be particularly helpful during revision. You will have all the important material in place and you won’t have to hunt for anything at the last moment in those 20 kgs of books.

9. Revision

 Try to complete your studies within the planned days before the examination so that you will get enough time to revision. You should try your own methods while reviewing according to your own timetable. This also can attract your attention to the left-out areas. It helps you a lot for achieving the good marks.

10. Maintain your Health

There will be nothing more important than your health. If you are healthy then, only you will be able to concentrate on your studies. So, take hygienic and nutritious food. Don’t skip your breakfast and sleep at least for 7-8 hours. 

Preparation Tips for Interview

KVPY Preparation Tips for Interview

After the KVPY exam, KVPY Results will be released within 45 days. However, passing the exam is not enough to achieve the goals. Qualifying candidates are called for the KVPY interview, which is also an integral part of the selection process. The collaboration of written test marks and the Interview marks is taken into consideration for the final selection of a candidate.

Areas of Focus for KVPY Interview

To crack the KVPY interview, there are a lot of areas to keep in our mind so that no only we can crack the KVPY Interview but also get better scores to be selected in the final procedure:

  • Body language and expression speaks a lot about a candidate. It should be in our mind that any kind of misbehavior or acting weird can ruin the interview.
  • Confidence is one of the basic requirements but over-confidence is a matter of abhorrence.
  • Knowledge about your self is very important. Interview procedure may lead to academic questions, but before that there will a bunch of ques5tions related to your personal life and goal. So, have a clear vision of yourself.
  • Always be humble and truthful. Any falsification can lead into worse problems and break certain rules. 
  • You don’t need to have very good speaking power o eloquence for KVPY Interview. They are not there for testing any candidate’s knowledge of English grammar or language. They test your PCMB knowledge. 
  • Sleep well before the day of Interview and eat nutritious food for better health maintenance.
  • Try to control your bad habits.
  • Get your required stuff for the Interview from the day before.
  • Last but not at all the least, do not get nervous. It is very much normal to get nervous or get excited about the KVPY Interview. Nonetheless, controlling your emotions can help you in the moment of the KVPY Interview.

Basic questions for Interview

Though one cannot predict the actual questions, yet most interviewers ask some general questions listed below. Do not mug up the questions related to personal life, prepare well and practice before the mirror in a loud voice or in front of a good friend for the counter questions or in an empty room, to perform better.

\You can expect further questions to emerge from your answers to these basic questions, so be fully present mentally during your preparations.

  • You will be asked to give brief and correct details of personal details, attitude, and aptitude.

  • There will be a question related to your family and choice of friends which briefly give an idea about your cultural and social behavior.
  • Questions about hobbies are something that you are really good at as you can expect more questions about your hobby. Be loyal. After all, a hobby is just a kind of passion from our heart.

It is always in every candidate’s mind that clearing KVPY Exam and Interview can give a clear path to a clear. It is a gateway to their goal. By clearing KVPY exams, KVPY fellowship can provide you: a. direct admission into institutes like IISC and IIIT – Hyderabad, b. a monthly scholarship and contingency grants in your basic science and specialization courses and c. exclusive access to national libraries and science camps in the country.

KVPY 2021 FAQs

FAQs for KVPY 2021

Question: Can a candidate give KVPY exam in Hindi medium?

Ans. Yes, one can choose Hindi or English as the medium for KVPY Exams.

Question: Is negative marking there in KVPY?

Ans. Yes, there is a negative marking of -0.25 mark in part I and -0.5 mark in part II.

Question: Do KVPY questions get repeated?

Ans. There is no repetition of questions in the KVPY exam.

Question: Is the calculator allowed in KVPY?

Ans. No, you cannot use a calculator or any other electronic device in the exam.

Question: What are the important Documents required at the time of Interview? –

Ans. Candidates have to bring the following documents at the time of interview-

· Interview call letter

· KVPY 2021 Interview Call Letter

· KVPY 2021 Admit Card

· 10th & 12th Original Marks Sheet

· Category Certificate

· A Self-Appraisal forms

· Study certificate form

Question: Can I avail the KVPY Fellowship along with a merit scholarship?

Ans. KVPY does not allow its Fellows to be eligible for any other scholarship apart from its own, whether it is government or private. However, if there is any such case, they relinquish the other fellowship so that the student can avail the KVPY Fellowship.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.


utkarsha khatri
What preparation should I do for the KVPY SX stream, having 3 months time?
kavita rani

Hi Utkarsha. Concept clearing is important to solve strong and tricky problems. You must stay well aware about eth latest exam pattern so that you can easily manage the available time. Other useful preparation tips are mentioned here.

I’m presently in class 11 PCB. In which year should class 11 students take the KVPY exam?
kavita rani

Hi Riyaz. You can give the exam in this year itself, through the KVPY SA stream. While giving the exam through the SA stream, you need to attempt all 4 subjects. Again you can take the exam in class 12 as well, through the SX stream. There will be 2 sections, in one you need to choose 3 out of the 4 subjects, and in the other, only 2 out of the 4.

ananya pandey
What is the best DLP course for KVPY?
kavita rani

Hi Ananya. Resonance DLP for KVPY is considered as the best one as it include a separate booklet for different subjects that have detailed theory and good amount of questions. Moreover, students can check last year question paper booklet and practice test papers for additional practice.

sreeja rudra
How to apply for the exam??
abdul nazir

Hi Sreeja, The last date to apply for the scholarship program is over and the exam is scheduled to be conducted on January 31, 2021. You can apply next year in online mode tentatively in July month. The application fee is INR 1000 for general category and INR 500 for reserved category. Before filling the form make sure that you satisfy all eligibility conditions. Fnd more by visiting KVPY application.

what is the syllabus for kvpy exam?
kavita rani

Hi Nishu. The syllabus consists of four Subjects including Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Biology. Questions papers will be both in English and Hindi. The question type will be objective and there will be negative marking.
More details are mentioned here.

how to study biology for kvpy?
kavita rani

Hi Nishu. Candidates giving this exam are suggested to refer to the NCERT books as they make the concepts of these subjects clear and help in scoring enough to clear the examination.

how to prepare for kvpy sx stream?
kavita rani

Hi Rashmi. To prepare for this section, candidates must refer to IIT JEE and NEET preparation books that help you get a good score. Books like Mathematics for class XI, RD Sharma, etc. helps a lot. Some other useful books that help prepare for this are mentioned here.

koyena biswas
What is the basic difference between the the difficulty level of the JEE Advanced and the KVPY?
kavita rani

Hi Koyena. KVPY is considered difficult exam as compared to the JEE Advanced. KVPY is scholarship program given by IISc for giving admission to qualified candidates into several research programs. KVPY students also get stipend for their research purposes which makes this exam highly competitive and tougher.

sunny pandey
How difficult is it to clear the interview round after UGEE exam for dual degree admission in IIIT Hyderabad?
kavita rani

Hi Sunny. In case you prepare well, you can ace the interview as well. The interview questions are designed to check if you can apply concepts you have learnt in the daily life. So do your homework accordingly to crack the interview round as well.

surabhi s
How do I start preparing for KVPY SX 2021?
kavita rani

Hi Surabhi. You must maintain accuracy and avoid negative marking. Do more last years’ papers as more practice will make you familiar with different kinds of questions. Check the latest paper pattern and marking scheme here that helps you get a good score.

How can I prepare the topics in the KVPY exam SA that is not taught in schools but are of high weightage?
kavita rani

Hi Pradeepraj. KVPY candidates can refer to the NCERT books and IIT-JEE (NEET for Biology) coaching material. Also do more mock tests as it helps you get detailed understanding about the kind of questions asked in the exam. Also, in case your basic concepts are strong till class 10th, then it's an advantage in KVPY examination. Other useful tips are presented here.

sheetal chib
Does the KVPY have negative marking, and if so, how much?
kavita rani

Hi Sheetal . Yes, in part 1, 0.25 marks will be deducted for each incorrect option while in Part 2, 0.50 marks will be deducted. You can check KVPY exam pattern by referring to the link here.

fauzia shahid
What is mock computer based aptitude test in KVPY?
kavita rani

Hi Fauzia. The KVPY is an online e exam and the mock aptitude test is a practice test. The mock test helps make you familiarize with the latest pattern, features, etc. that helps you get a good score ahead. You can get mock tests by referring to the link here.

arushi thankur
Is KVPY a single choice exam or a multiple choice exam?
kavita rani

Hi Arushi. KVPY aptitude test is taken online and the question papers are asked in two languages including English and Hindi. The test consists of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) from Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology. There is an option to attempt any three sections in Part I & any two sections in Part II in Stream SB/SX. Check out other details here.

sourajit mukherjee
What are some tips for preparation of KVPY class 11 (2020)?
kavita rani

Hoi Sourajit. Since KVPY consists of two main stages, online aptitude test and interview. Online aptitude test is a computer-based examination so you must do more mock tests as it helps improve your performance. Other important tips are mentioned here.

lakshay kakkar
How should I prepare for the KVPY SB?
kavita rani

Hi Laksay. Do more previous year sample papers as they are helpful during the preparation of KVPY Exam. Check the KVPY Mock test for practising free of cost by clicking on the link here.

I started my 2nd PU just now and I want to be a KVPY scholar. What are some tips and preparation techniques?
kavita rani

Hi Rashmi. Clearing all the concepts is important to solve strong and tricky problems. Make a proper time-table around each subject so that all subjects can be paid equal attention. You can get detailed preparation tips here.

fauzia shahid
How do I prepare for KVPY SX and what is the the question paper pattern?
kavita rani

Hi Fauzia. The complete duration of the exam is 3 hours. The total number of questions in the SX stream is 80. In Part I, each correct answer will carry 1 mark and 0.25 marks will be deducted for every wrong answer. Detailed exam pattern is mentioned here.

Is NCERT enough for the biology portion of KVPY SX exam?
kavita rani

Hi Riyaz. NCERT books are ideal option to prepare for Biology. Apart from these, course material for NCERT examinations also helps students prepare for the KVPY exam. Referring to these books help a lot in clearing the concepts. Check out other preparation tips here.


How can I start preparing for KVPY SA 2020?
kavita rani

Hi Riyaz. KVPY candidates can study from NCERT books and IIT-JEE (NEET for Biology) study material. KVPY SA aspirants have to study topics of class 11th only, whereas KVPY SX/SB aspirants are supposed to study topics of class 11th and 12th. Other important preparation tips and strategies are mentioned here.