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Jun 10, 2021

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The Karnataka Public Service Commission or KPSC exams are held in different stages such as Prelims, Mains, and Interview. Details can be obtained from the official website of the Karnataka Public Service Commission :-

Though the board is yet to announce the dates for Karnataka Administrative Service or KAS Exam 2021, aspirants who want to appear in it should prepare themselves well for each of these stages in the meantime.

For that, they will need to follow some of the best books that cover each of the subjects, in detail. Additional focus should be given on General Knowledge and current affairs, for which aspirants should look into other sources as well.

Here in this article, you will find the books that you can follow to prepare for the exam.

KPSC KAS 2021- Best Books for Preliminary exam

For the preparation for The KPSC KAS 2021 preliminary exam, these are some of the best books that you can follow.

  • General Studies – General Knowledge 2020 from Arihant. It will give extensive information regarding international and national affairs. You can also follow the one from the Disha publication for a lot of practice questions.
  • General Knowledge – The book from Lucent’s is good enough. It is mostly preferred to and popular as it is updated every year. It includes science, literature, politics, and other fields.
  • Humanities – Follow the NCERT books for their condensed and varied information.
  • Indian Politics – The book of Laxmikant is specially designed for KPSC exams with concise notes.
  • Indian Struggle for Independence- A book by Bipin Chandra provides crisp information along with questions at the end of every chapter.
  • Karnataka Handbook – Pick up any to know more about Karnataka including the latest information.
Mains Exam Books

KPSC KAS 2021- Best Books for Mains Exam

For the preparation for The KPSC KAS 2021 Mains exam, these are some of the Subject Wise best books that you can follow.

KPSC Mains Exam - : General Studies I

Subject Publisher / Author Description
Modern India Spectrum Key points at the end of each chapter Topics are divided into sections
History of Karnataka Phalaksha A detailed history of Karnataka Each of the two volumes is good for the KPSC KAS exam

KPSC Mains exam- General Studies-II

Subject Publisher / Author Description
Karnataka Polity Phalaksha Includes all information on the sociology of the State of Karnataka and the Political scene
Indian Polity Indian Geography Laxminath NCERT Complete information about Indian politics. Concise and important information with the facts highlighted

KPSC Mains exam- General Studies III

Subject Publisher / Author Description
Indian Economy Karnataka Economy Survey and Budget Ramesh Singh Updated information Designed for Civil Services Exam
Public Administration Laxminath A lot of questions Comes in different sections organized properly according to the syllabus

KPSC Mains exam- General Studies IV

Subject Publisher / Author Description
Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude G Subba Roy and PN Roy Chowdhary Good for first-timers with each point explained and supported with different case studies
Ethics in Governance Ramesh K Arora Informs about malpractices in Indian government systems Teaches about public administration
Lexicons for Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude Chronicle Publications Guide to solve case studies with precise ethics In-depth information on public administration

KPSC Books for Interview

Some of the most popular and recommended books for the KPSC KAS interview exam are:

Title Author/Publisher Description
Important Judgements that Transformed India Alex Andrews George Political and conventional topics Recent Supreme Court judgments
60 Seconds and You Are Hired Robin Ryan Basic interview questions with perfect answers
Get That Job Thea Kelly About communication skills and behavioural questions

Additional suggestions:

These are a few other books of other authors that you can try out for each of the subjects of the KPSC KAS Exam 2021.

  • Geography - Karnataka Geography by GC Leong, Indian and World Geography by Majid Husain and Physical Geography by Dr Ranganath.
  • History – Bipin Chandra for Indian History or any NCERT Books of class XI and XII, Samagra Bharatha by K. Sadashiv, and Karnataka History Handbook by Suryanath Kamath.
  • Indian Polity – PS Gangadhar, D.D. Basu.
  • Environment and Ecology – Dr Ranganath, VS SomaShekar

You will also be better off if you follow a few magazines for the KAS Exam such as Spardha Spoorthi, Spardha Chaitra, and Gnana Sadhana.

Besides the books mentioned above, you can also prepare for the KPSC KAS Exam 2021 using other sources that provide online notes and study materials, preparation tips, model papers, questions of previous years, daily current affairs with general awareness section, YouTube, E-books, online test series, and of course, KPSC KAS Answer keys.

Preparation Tips

KPSC Preparation tips

Since preparation is the key to success, here are some useful KPSC Preparation tips to follow to clear the KAS Exam 2021 successfully and easily:

  • Revise regularly and according to the syllabus of the actual exam
  • Follow a timetable
  • Solve lots of test series, previous year’s papers, and practice sets
  • Do not leave any topic.

Also, keep stress away by taking breaks and short naps in between your study.



Ques. How to apply for KPSC KAS 2021?

Ans. You can apply online. For this, you will need to visit the official website, follow the link and set of instructions.

Ques. Where can I find the books for the KPSC KAS exam?

Ans. You will get most of the major books that will help in your preparation for KPSC KAS 2021 in the bookstores in your locality. Yes, you can also find them in online stores.

Ques. Do these books include questions of previous years?

Ans. Most of the books do. However, check thoroughly before you buy. If you choose to place an order for your books online, always do it from a reliable and popular source.

Ques. Are PDF versions of the books available?

Ans. Yes, some of the books may be available in PDF format. You will need to do some research to find some of the best online libraries and stores to borrow or buy an e-version of these books.

Ques. Are my course books enough for the KPSC KAS exam?

Ans. Yes, it may be good enough for your KPSC KAS preparation, provided you follow the syllabus of the exam strictly. However, if you intend to use any old editions of the books, do with caution and compare its contents with the current syllabus.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.